Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Triggered by the death of a family member a young woman embarks on a singular journey of helping people who are about to die. The dying have nothing to lose and need lasting moments of intimacy that Simone finds herself willing to give at no cost. But Boris won't let her get away with it quite that easily. He realizes how well she hides behind those intense but short lived relationships. He won't hesitate to provoke her in a violent burst.

Simone leaves her lover and regular student life behind to help people who are about to die. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tingting Y (gb) wrote: They should replot the story like this: Emerson did not cancel the code for killing his own boss, instead he assigned it to himself. Then he asked his boss to let them go but the boss changed his mind after 10 days as he promised so Emerson exucuted his task by killing the boss and happy ever after with Catherine : )

Michelle P (ca) wrote: Fairly solid acting, well paced - somewhat absurd but enjoyably so.

Mohd K (br) wrote: awesome pic! hav a watch!!!

Joanna B (de) wrote: Once again utilizing the tried and tested mistaken identity device, Director Shawn Levy's (Night At The Museum, The Pink Panther, Just Married) new offering, Date Night, is an action/comedy that marries the razor sharp improvisational talents of Tina Fey (30 Rock) and Steve Carell (The Office)with the highly relatable middle-American anxieties of married life. Overreaching on suspense, comedy and believable characterization whilst attempting to maintain its US PG rating, like most date night's it falls a little short of expectations. For mild-mannered suburban spouses Claire and Phil Foster (Fey and Carell) life's daily grind has seen a dramatic downturn in hot and heavy bedroom activity. The conscientious couple is so bogged down by the humdrum of everyday responsibilities; children, work and book clubs, even their token weekly date night has become a stale routine of dinner at the usual bistro, a movie and then (if Phil's lucky) some questionably boring sex.Receiving the news that their seemingly solid best-married-friends will be splitting due to a lack of "spark", The Fosters become desperate to reignite the flames of passion and ditch their usual date night in New Jersey for an impromptu, no-reservation visit to a swanky new Manhattan restaurant, Claw. Brutally snubbed by the arrogant maitre d', The Fosters are left to hang out at the bar hoping for an illusive table and when a waitress continually calls out for no-shows, the Tripplehorns, Phil acts on impulse and nabs the booking. "Yes, we are the Tripplehorns" Their deception however leads to a classic case of mistake identity. Their romantic dinner morphs into a dangerous adventure as they become caught in the middle of large scale bribery. The frantic Fosters become a tear way target for gangsters, mafia boss and crooked cops alike, all hell bent on retrieving a"little computer chippy thingy"; a USB key containing valuable secrets.Attempting to improvise their way out of the troubled night-on-the-town, Claire seeks help from an easily remembered one time real estate client, millionaire playboy and resourceful high-tech security consultant, Holbrook (Mark Wahlberg, looking very Boogie nights). Holbrook skillfully tracks down the real Tripplehorns; a heavily tattooed young couple, Taste and Whippit (James Franco and Mila Kunis). However, The Fosters get nothing useful from the reengaged couple and are no closer to returning to the safety of their quiet lives. The Fosters finally embrace their precarious situation by going the offensive and inadvertently rekindle their fire.The hilarious concoction of boating escapades in Central Park, police car pile-up's, and a spectacularly awkward sex robot striptease routine benefit greatly from Aussie Dean Semler's camerawork, however, the eye-popping action scenes fall under the dark cloud of the comedies free-fall.John Klausner's script is sadly the films weakest link. The risqu jokes, muted gunplay and schmaltzy predictable ending does little justice for the first time comedic teaming of Fey and Carell, who although are a required taste, definitely deserved better in the lines department.The Verdict: If you're from the burbs and a series of misadventures descending into chaos on the island that never sleeps sounds like fun, live life on the wild side and go out on a Date Night. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 16/04/2010

Tyrus L (ru) wrote: acting sucks.... story sucks... directing/filming sucks.... dissapointing movie T___T

Tsukasa A (kr) wrote: It's based on a true story of journalist Stephen Glass who was a young rising star at The New Republic over a three-year period and wrote entertaining and humorous articles with invented quotations, sources, and events. Hayden plays Stephen very nicely with expression of outward fun and sensitivity as well as internal anxiety and weakness. Peter's performance as Stephen's silent boss is also great with honest expression of journalistic justice and royalty to The New Republic. In a recent interview, Stephen himself told ' "The movie makes it seem like there was some joy in all of this for me. But it never felt fun. I was anxious and scared and depressed. Outwardly I was communicating fun, but inside all I felt was anxiety." It might be true but I don't want to relive the feeling of his exact psychological state at that time as I can imagine it is too horrible.

Joseph G (nl) wrote: " You know I'm the best guitarist in the world.... Well you know, except for that gypsy, Django Rainhardt." Sean Penn really nails it as the fictional 1930's jazz guitarist Emmett Ray. A lot of Woody Allen's films have this whimsical jazz score and in this film it really feels like a love letter written to this period in music, there are ample scenes of the band a Sean Penn just playing along with no dialogue. The film is easy and fun to watch. I think I am a closet romantic because I always fall for Allen's subtle study of relationships and love throughout his films. The most compelling one here is that of Emmett Ray and his mute girlfriend Hattie. She doesn't speak a word but there is such chemistry between them, and simple gestures that she makes in her face really pull at the heart strings. A great film for Woody Allen fans and a niche movie for those interested in jazz.

Jim H (au) wrote: Way too much overacting for a Western, and a flimsy story to boot.

Melissa R (ag) wrote: an awesome film but I don't recommend it for young viewers

Dylan G (es) wrote: This movie is just extremely badass! It has great characters, well, except for Yeardley Smith's character, she was annoying! But the soundtrack kicked ass!! and i give credit to Stephen King, the master of horror!

Kyle F (de) wrote: Brutal and steamy thriller.

familiar s (ca) wrote: 3 stories in 1 movie. Besides, highly recommended by viewers, including critics, so far. Sounded appealing. On hitting it, it hit me back even hardly. Not in a good way. While the stories are hardly mediocre, the execution is quite torturous. Frequently showing the scenery and showcasing the trivial matters disgusted me. The movie might be redundant to ~35 minutes if all that's left out. But maybe for the sake of getting the artistic nod. The movie might appeal to that class and maybe indie fans.Apparently, I wasn't the target audience, and my bad that I decided to watch it. (I've a bit of criticism w.r.t. each story individually, but I feel it unnecessary right now.) If a movie including a handful of thought-provoking debatable theories is your cup of tea, no matter how long it drags, then this one is designed for you. I'd admit that it provoked me quite enough, though not thoughtfully.-10/5