Vítejte v KLDR!

Vítejte v KLDR!


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Vítejte v KLDR! torrent reviews

Nick R (gb) wrote: Google this title and look for a documentary by david shayler

Robert S (de) wrote: A lot better than I was expecting. Really unusual

Jon C (ru) wrote: Best "based on a true story" movie and best movie about making movies.

Bob B (jp) wrote: A huge waste of time.

Anna N (us) wrote: Not interested. I usually avoid horror movies.

Landon V (mx) wrote: well I have not seen this in a while its isn't the best but it is a good film I used to love this like 5 star love but today its like 4 star kind of love but there domestic total gross: $77,737,272 is good box office success but not the best film I would give this 4 stars and 82%

Alan Z (br) wrote: A frightening movie full of drama, mystery and desperation. It shows unhappy people who want to do the best for themselves, some complain about it reasonably, at the end life seems too insignificant. The perfect analysis of the hidden personality of the characters is so well depicted, and the simplicity suddenly seems complex because of the originality of the story. A unique movie.

Paul C (jp) wrote: I love historical epics, but this one just doesn't really cut it. Stocked to the brim with British acting luminaries and with Heston making a decent fist of his portrayal of General Gordon - its just a bit too long, dragging in parts.

Private U (gb) wrote: An interesting wartime Holmes film that never dissapoints.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: 4.5/5. Brutally violent and very entertaining. Battle Royale is miles ahead of The Hunger Games series in every way.

Christina D (ru) wrote: it's not great but it is entertaining