Viva Italia!

Viva Italia!

Several episodes depicting Italian's life in short humoristic stories.

15 years after the monumental "I mostri" which was a great example of Italian sketch comedy, 3 of the greatest Italian directors ever (Risi, Monicelli, Scola) the best Italian writers ever (Age, Scarpelli) the best Italian actors ever (Tognazzi, Gassmann, Sordi) one of the most beautiful woman in the world (Ornella Muti) participate to this great tribute. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica L (kr) wrote: TATTTTUUUMMM <3 At first this movie was a drag...just like another bad cut sequel. But once they enter university, things got interesting and funny. Oh it's funny. There are certain parts that's a bit over in terms of trying to be funny, but most of it is just for a good laugh. Channing is so hot!

Karl G (nl) wrote: Weird! Not sure I got it!

Geoff J (us) wrote: Well made, but completely in the shadow of the bloody great source material.

Vasily D (br) wrote: I love this movie. Juliana is amazing. This movie really touches the heart strings

Michael H (gb) wrote: Not the worst movie of its kind, nor was this film as bad as the rating show. It was one of those ideas that may have seemed better on paper than it turned out on film. Is it me, or does every movie set in Russia always seem to be incredibly similar!?! The Chernobyl Diaries/ Darkest Hour...same movie!?!

Bart (kr) wrote: oh :Oi have to see see see ._.

Eleonora E (jp) wrote: Somewhat slow but picturesque, Smith plays her character over the top making the film surprisingly funny.

Maru E (br) wrote: Bridget Jones: Al borde de la razn

Francisco R (au) wrote: Actually hilarious movie, not a great cast but it's nt bad it all, Jason Lee is very funny and I tottally recommend this movie.l

Jordan G (kr) wrote: One of the watermark films that began the Independent movement in the 90's, Stranger than Paradise is a portrait of the mundane world made cool by the aloof characters that inhabit it. The black and white cinematography, by Tom DeCillo, is comprised primarily of static shots which depict any semblance to most people's ideas about "paradise". Instead we see dreary landscapes of Cleveland, run down apartment flats in NY's west side, a empty movie theater, and a Miami Hotel. This drab aesthetic is a fly in the ointment as far as Hollywood conventions are concerned and people loved it for depicting the boredom of daily life. The National Film Critics Association picked it as the best picture in 1984 and it went on to make almost 2 and a half million dollars against a 100,000 budget. The key line in this movie is said by Willie's goofy friend Eddie who says, "You know it's funny. You come to someplace new, and everything looks just the same." This movie stands in opposition to the idea that people need to strive for valiant goals or better their situation or whatever else the media wants us to do. Similar to Linklater's first film, Slacker, these characters aren't bedazzled or delusional. They're straight-forward and honest about their lifestyles - which many people would judge as repugnant and unfriendly. No, I think there is a special "dudeness" about these characters which is why I love them. Even if the film is deglamorized and in black and white, part of me longs to spend a day watching TV with these guys, or maybe go to the Horse (not dog) races and try my luck. This film's got major style, and as the best of them always say, style is everything.

Miriam E (gb) wrote: Es mi pelcula preferida, por que es hermosa, inteligente y adems porque la vi sentadita al lado de mi viejo cuando era chica.

Jenny R (jp) wrote: less funny, more heart good for a B-level movie. makes you think

Luke C (ca) wrote: Overall, this is a really funny and heartfelt film. Yes, the plot is far fetched, but it has a great lead (especially for a kid), has great slapstick. Joe Pecsi and Daniel Stern are also very funny in the movie. I recommend this film, definitely.

Macke D (ca) wrote: Ted Mosby being a nerd snob the he is deals with realities of life. I love it!

Kimmie K (es) wrote: Terrible .... Not in a good way!