Viva Maria!

Viva Maria!

Traveling players invent the strip tease while mixed up in a Central American revolution.

Somewhere in Middle America, 1907: Maria II, the daugther of an Irish terrorist, meets after the dead of her father Maria I, the singer of an circus. She decided to stay with the circus. On... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Viva Maria! torrent reviews

Manuel M (us) wrote: Very cheap movie, like most late movies from Nicolas Cage. Very cheap effects. What a rip off. Prior movie by the same name is much better. This one looks like a school practice movie. What a waste. How can I score half a star?

louise e (es) wrote: Fantastic film for dog lovers. And very charming how the dogs where presented at the end of the movie.

Christopher E (jp) wrote: Oh dear John, oh dear.

Kirsty F (ag) wrote: Pretty rubbish. Poor ending, not scary and clearly had a small budget. Not really worth seeing, though the actors give it their best shot, such a shame, could have gone somewhere!!

Finn M (kr) wrote: Great "sub" movie, Awsome acting from all parts and a good story, a little predictable but not that much.

Beth C (fr) wrote: good teen can definitely see the potential of Adrian Grenier's star quality.

Mlee L (gb) wrote: this movie is great is been along time since i have seen it love it

I am A (es) wrote: Uniquely bad that it's good

Paul M (mx) wrote: One of the best cheese fest ninja films around.Pure cheese but great.

Barbara J (ag) wrote: Brings a shining light to every face and shines for all to see. ^_^

Michael A (ag) wrote: i gotta learn how to do that thing jim does with the jack cap!