Viva Villaveien!

Viva Villaveien!


Viva Villa Road deals with a handful of neighbors who completely unaware manages to go to Gran Canaria at the same time. For many, this would be a nice, but for Swedish Reidar Frank (Brass Brännström), pensioner Sigurd Vatne (Sverre Hansen) and crazy Alice Lindblad (Elsa Lystad) this is the worst thing that could have occurred. After countless neighborhood feuds they all had, by coincidence, decided to travel to the Canary Islands to escape the unwanted situation of Villa Road. Therefore, the disputes continue also in the holiday paradise of the other family members' great despair. This surprisingly leads to a lot of funny episodes that contain both problems with the travel company, absurd misunderstandings and intricate entanglement that eventually tie up to a pretty successful movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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