Vive le tour

Vive le tour

A short documentary about the 1962 Tour-de-France. Topics covered include: crowds of people and motorcycles, drinking raids and feeding, pileups, doping, "the charge," and the mountain stages.

A short documentary about the 1962 Tour-de-France. Topics covered include: crowds of people and motorcycles, drinking raids and feeding, pileups, doping, "the charge," and the mountain ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flix R (gb) wrote: No es por na, pero I know a lot about JK's life. There's some thing that this film do beautifully, but there's some lot that... ugh!! And It's so cheesy in lots of times...

christian a (nl) wrote: Takes you as far back into the past as it does send you into the future, to contemplate the future of human culture.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Repeaters (Carl Bessai, 2010)The whole time I was watching Repeaters, though it did not detract from my enjoyment of the film, I kept wondering why Carl Bessai's name sounded familiar. After the movie, I pulled him up on IMDB and found I'd seen one of his movies previously-Severed: Forest of the Dead, which was a good deal more enjoyable than it had any right to be. The same could be said of Repeaters.Plot: we open in a rehab clinic, with the usual assortment of idiots, jerks, and the occasional decent person who went wrong. Three of the non-jerks, Kyle Halsted (Slither's Dustin Milligan), Sonia Logan (The Haunting in Connecticut's Amanda Crew), and Michael Weeks (Crossed's Richard de Klerk), have formed a loose bond against the jerk contingent. In the opening sequences, we see everyone in group, and group leader Bob (Benjamin Ratner, returning from Severed) instructs his charges that today is the day they will go out in to the world, find the person they feel they most hurt with their addictions, and beg forgiveness. (Depending on to whom you talk, that's either step eight or step nine.) The day goes just about as you expect. Kyle attempts to connect with his younger sister Charlotte (Fido's Alexia Fast), gets blown off, and is told by his former high school principal to get off the grounds or the cops will be called. Michael heads for jail to see his father (Watchmen's John Tench), and it's good there's plexiglass between them. Sonia, too, goes to see her dying father (The Core's Hrothgar Matthews), and while it's a bust, it's still the most successful of the three. They go back to rehab, share their experiences, etc. That night, there's a nasty electrical storm, and all three of our principals are shocked through various agents. When they wake up the next's not the next morning. It's Wednesday again, and the three of them soon realize that they are reliving the same day over... and over... and over..., and soon they begin exploring the implications.Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking right now, in that horrible Lifetime Original Movie way. I was thinking the same thing while I was watching it, and was actually half-prepared to give the movie a rotten review based on my being almost certain it was going to go in that direction. It is a credit to Bessai, as well as a testament to how much he grew as a filmmaker in the four years between Severed and Repeaters, that yes, the movie does go in that direction at the end (sorry for the spoiler!), but by that time, Bessai and screenwriter Arne Olsen (All Dogs Go to Heaven 2) have loaded the climax with so much of these three characters' personal baggage that going in that direction not only makes perfect sense but almost-almost!--doesn't feel like the crappy, overwrought clich that it is. I'll put it this way, it's not Lifetime Original Movie, it's at least ABC Movie of the Week back when ABC Movie of the Week actually meant something. Olsen obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about the implications; I certainly can't say I've seen every Groundhog Day-style movie out there, but so many of them play the situation for comic relief that the darker side rarely gets any play. Olsen worked that vein as hard as he could, and he did it well. This isn't timeless cinema by any means; no one here is a great actor, though all are competent, and Bessai is a fine genre director, but no one will be mistaking him for Bela Tarr or Werner Herzog anytime soon. But if you're looking for a slick, well-written, satisfying genre flick, you probably overlooked Repeaters the first time around. You should give it a look now. ***

Juli R (ru) wrote: I wonder if this was a made-for-TV movie? It's a sappy, sentimental film about a strong mother who refuses to give up on her autistic sons. I can't fault the film's messages about not treating the kids any differently and refusing to acknowledge autism as a disability. However, I would have liked to see the mother's character struggle a bit more. She never seemed to have a moment of doubt, or throw her hands up and not know what to do.

Ritchie G (us) wrote: It's actually quite good a corporate thriller with classic tit-for-tat office politics.

Julien A (nl) wrote: Sous son titre francais, Bons Baisers de Pekin, le film est a reserver aux adeptes de Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle), et encore.Il s'agit ici d'une parodie gagesque d'un James Bond, ultra mal realisee, et a l'humour plus que lourdingue.Quelques bonnes idees tout de meme (notamment l'acteur qui parodie Q est assez drole, et joue aussi quelques annees plus tard dans Shaolin Soccer), mais le tout est tres faible.Vous avez dit authentique nanar?

Jacob B (au) wrote: This made-for-TV Marvel movie back in a time when DC triumphed over Marvel, what with this movie coming out the same year as the original Christopher Reeve Superman is pretty boring. The low-budget TV visual effects aren't really convincing - in fact, the effects in Superman: The Movie look a lot better than this - and there's not really any action especially since a minor villain is defeated just by saying the magic words. It has a nostalgic feel and the unnamed evil entity whom the main villain works for is about the most entertaining thing in this movie but this is overall a waste of time that you're better off renting rather than legitimately purchasing. Stick with the 2016 Benedict Cumberbatch MCU movie.

Sarah S (ca) wrote: a powerful moving film. Sean penn does some great work here

Dave W (ru) wrote: Jean-Claude Van Damme...with a denim on New Lance Henriksen from "Stone Cold"...directed by John Woo...with an appearance by Wilford Brimely. The amount of fire, gun shots, auto stunts, and right leg-only kicks in this movie are through the roof!! The set up, story, and character development are all just enough to keep the movie going without ever letting it get boring. One of the big lines is, "Tell me about the name chance." "Well, my mamma took one." I always wondered what exactly what that meant, but I assume it's either she took a chance and didn't get an abortion, or that she took a chance and slept with some random dude...maybe both. Either way, I thank her for taking that chance. This is one of those rare action movies that could have easily starred Brian Bosworth, but got away with the snub.