Vizha is the story of a love between a 'tappu' player (Mahendran) and an 'oppari' singer (Malavika Menon). The only place where the two can meet is houses of death.

Vizha is a rural love story between a 'thappu' artist and an 'oppari' singer, two people who thrive on deaths for a living. The rest of the movie is about the typical obstacles that they are faced with and how things resolve in the end. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vizha torrent reviews

Ivana T (br) wrote: disturbing movie! very realistic

Cecily B (mx) wrote: Thought the movie potentially had a decent story but was overshadowed with bad acting and general lack of emotion, the movie was so quiet. its like they just went through the motions, the ending was kind of interesting but not enough to make the movie any better, it almost felt like the first half of the movie and the second half didnt really connect well.

John Joseph M (kr) wrote: Unusual and effective British horror flick.

Ajeesh V (ag) wrote: Not an extraordinary movie.. A decent war drama with some good performances from the lead actors.

Felepe R (es) wrote: love it just watched it today

Lariste K (de) wrote: Saw this film as a kid - forgettable, tacky weirdness with a marketing icon for a main character. Read the comics!! The only intentionally oddball, socially satirical, postmodern (sorta) comic I know of from a major comics company. Author Steve Gerber was a genuine talent !! Unfortunately the film rights were just picked up and developed by the wrong people.

Daniel N (au) wrote: Been wanting to find this movie for the longest time.

Carol M (es) wrote: It's appropriate to call 1941 a big budget bomb. Spielberg was lucky he redeemed his talents after this mess with The Color Purple.

Tim L (kr) wrote: One of those comedy Christmas movies to watch only once every holiday season......if you ran out of Christmas movies to watch.

Adrian K (br) wrote: Julia Roberts was actually hot in this flick... What happened?!