Vizontele Tuuba

Vizontele Tuuba

Guner Sernikli is a government official who, with his wife and their wheelchair bound daughter, has been assigned as the head librarian to this isolated province, virtually an exile since there is no library in the village. The family is warmly welcome, but these are the years of political anarchy and leftist/rightist clashes in big cities and the youth of the village inevitably follow the tides. They arrive in Vizontele, just as the situation is becoming really absurd. Guner brings wisdom; his daughter Tuba brings beauty, innocence and love. Some like the Mayor, Nazmi Dogan and crazy Emin appreciate these things but they are in the minority and confusion continues to reign. The story is based on the memories of writer-director Yılmaz Erdoğan of the last summer of his childhood in Hakkâri, Turkey in 1980.

The story of 1980 summer Yilmaz lived in his own town... The last days of his childhood... The days he saw so many things about love, friendship, neighbourhood, politics and culture... The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (fr) wrote: Kind of just a slog for me, and the second half mostly felt like CSI: Turkey. A slow burn, definitely too slow of a burn for me. The movie never comes close to justifying its 150 minute run time to me. Has some beautiful landscapes and general photography, but never comes together for me cinematically.

Kevin M (ag) wrote: Hrrrrm ... Art? Vandalism? Punks? This documentary tries to defend the "art" of graffiti and sells it as a legitimate art form. Although excellent points are made, it is hard to see most graffiti as anything more than destruction of public property. Check the documentary out and decide for yourself.

Sean V (nl) wrote: A typical weird independent film, but at the same time, a decent romantic comedy. It was pretty predictable, but the acting was decent, and it stayed entertaining throughout. Not a bad rental.

Guido F (br) wrote: Oh my God - what a strange film. A porn movie without porn (done by the Berlin porn company Cazzo!), a story of love in an unrealistic prison, citations of Haynes' Poison and Genet's Un chant d'amour, hilarious elements of trash. This could have been a great idea ... Be glad if you don't understand German - the actors speak as if reading their text out of schoolbooks. True, this is so in some early Fassbinder films, too - but I really don't think it was intentional here. 2 stars for true love.

Anna Q (nl) wrote: Not really interested.

Anchal B (ru) wrote: hey very thraller movie,well aslo with romantic

Jessica H (jp) wrote: random moments and barf factor.

Juampa G (br) wrote: One of his 80's masterpieces.

Collin R (ru) wrote: had no expectations for the movie but it actually was quite funny

Tom S (gb) wrote: I suppose if I thought this was just fiction, it might not have been as interesting. But this movie demonstrates how little we might know about the personality traits of someone we might marry - until it's too late. This film kept my interest.

David J (mx) wrote: "Housebound" is a spooky little hit-or-miss horror comedy from New Zealand.

Hrant B (ag) wrote: Lone Survivor is based on a true story about four Navy Seals that get caught up trying to get away from the Taliban in Afghanistan back in 2005. This was a gruesome movie but not a feel good storyline. I didn't feel patriotic but rather felt the violence of humans against each other. But through it all, it shows that not all Muslims are evil but rather compassionate and would do anything to protect one man. Overall it had a great cast with a good script. I felt I was watching Black Hawk Down meets Friday Night Lights.

Markkyle R (br) wrote: Frank Martin kicks ass

Cita W (gb) wrote: Totally agree with this movie.