Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Vladimir Ilich Lenin

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Vladimir Ilich Lenin torrent reviews

Steve C (de) wrote: Agree or disagree with what he did (which I don't) it took balls to do what he did. Good movie.

Aileen H (jp) wrote: The writer clearly sees the nuance of human emotion too subtle for the other "critics" on this page to appreciate. This film clearly conveys a message about several forms of cognitive bias, rarely portrayed in modern film. Women exist separately and are not the slaves to men. Not enough of this message to people. It is important to penetrate the collective psyche with this message. Well done.

William M (ru) wrote: Wonderful movie; it may not look like much just looking from the outside, but it is cleverly written and acted. Pie is a BIG deal at the diner Andy Griffith owns. Watch this one, and you won't regret it; in fact, you'll recommend it to friends, too.

Anthony D (br) wrote: This movie was a little like Hostel, but a lot less gory.

Sam W (nl) wrote: A mildly amusing and entertaining film which accomplishes everything it sets out to do except make you laugh. Although it has a good premise and lead actor, it lacks originality and plays it far too safe with the content. Lots of animals and a moral message, but the blue screen quality varies significantly, and although silly in parts, it is rarely ever funny.

Lupus D (gb) wrote: Great settin, good music but ultimately squandered. My first Danish comedy I think.

Matthew C (it) wrote: This thriller gains point for it's boldness, uniqueness and provocative story. It looses points on almost everything else. However, it gets the message across and deserved to be mentioned as a part of the conspiracy world bible.

Cam S (jp) wrote: Painful to sit through, though the interplay of narration and action in the first half is interesting, and the male character is grossly fascinating.

Jeffrey M (nl) wrote: A nasty kidnapping film with (intentionally?) hilarious dialogue, but not at the expense of the suspense or seriousness of the subject... just very entertaining. Excellent direction, colors filmed as vividly as a Sirk romance, but still dirty and detailed enough to make you feel like washing afterwards. One of the best crime films of the 70s, IMHO.

Bernie M (nl) wrote: This movie is the first of many terrible, but awesome movies. They have a special place in my heart. They're stupid, ridiculous and bad, but that's why they're great. You can laugh and watch a giant rubber turtle destroy tiny cities. Simply stupid, yet awesome. Gotta love Gamera.

MandyJane K (kr) wrote: Disappointing. Expected to see much more character development. While it does a good job of sticking to his true autobiography, it leaves the viewer lacking in story development. Would love to see a remake.

Lyndell C (gb) wrote: Heard a lot of great things. Thought it was just ok.