Voglia di guardare

Voglia di guardare

Italian softcore porn. Christina is a wealthy heiress living a life of luxury and lovers. Late one night, she is kidnapped by a gang of all-female paramilitary terrorists hoping to hold her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taylor M (jp) wrote: John Huddles (Writer/Director) would fail any Philosophy 101 course but still felt capable of creating a film around core concepts. The only thing worse than his exploration of these common ideas the utterly poor narrative and takeaway experience. Thought experiments with data retention through iterations? Please...

David U (ag) wrote: Daaaaark. It's not perfect, but the engaging creepiness makes The Bleeding House a worthwhile watch.

Eric M (us) wrote: Looks Funny in a dark F'd up way.

Bobby B (us) wrote: One of the most realistic horror shows of all time.

Chinmai R (br) wrote: Only seen half of this piece of shit. But enough to tell you it sucks. Don't watch it. Please. Well, I guess the only reason you would see it is to see a bunch of well-regarded actors in a piece of shit.

Luke M (kr) wrote: TOM SELLECK... King of Spain. :-| That is all.

Mark B (ag) wrote: beef beef beef .. beef baloney!!!!!!!!!runk the punk rocks

Byron E (de) wrote: I'll kill them, kill them all

Kelvin F (kr) wrote: A nice movie about a guy who "keeps on" "keeping on" despite life's setbacks.

Scott R (jp) wrote: Enjoyable, but felt almost soap opera like. I got so fed up with her daughter, but I guess it wouldn't have been so dramatic otherwise.

Tim W (ca) wrote: Scariest thing is not what we know but what is unknown. Watch this if you like pretty well made, slightly disturbing, non-hollywood blockbuster horrors that don't just jump scare you to frustration. It was tense and looming, kind of smart and creative like a psychological thriller. But it was a bit predictable even in its unpredictability. Not brilliant, sure but pretty enjoyable. Also short but sweet. I really liked the build-up. Reminds me of 1408. It started getting weird and completely ungrounded after an hour, which I guess was its charm, but it did cause me to lose some interest. Also too technologically reliant. Kind of ambiguous as a whole if you think about it, which is a good thing I guess. And only 2 jump scares! I was so impressed. All in all a pretty competent horror. Solid 6.5/10.

Nick R (jp) wrote: The movie was good cheesey fun thats come to be expected by the crew of BMS. If your a fan of the series you will get a few laughs out of this movie. However I found the script a little bit hollow and lacking as it's just about one facet of the magic of the show... The party, there is no teamwork showcased or no football.