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'Fats' Bannerman is enjoying success as the writer and presenter of Thus Engaged, a romantic radio serial about the lives and loves of a Regency heroine. But when grim reality violently intrudes into Fats' life, his frail fantasies become unbalanced and his ability to separate fact from fiction breaks down, with devastating consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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lauren c (nl) wrote: i want to see because it looks good but from the picture

Anand K (it) wrote: making the protagonost a vapid materialistic twit makes it really hard to root for her....

Espen B (ca) wrote: Disgusting yet enthralling

Galen S (br) wrote: fun movie, mostly action, cool characters, and all to mambo music

Jeffrey B (ag) wrote: A nice dramatization of the 33rd President of the United States. No wonder it earned several awards and nominations. It's even based on a book of the same name that won the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for "Biography or Autobiography."

Tecia E (es) wrote: Great book, but don't want to watch the movie

Jonathan S (us) wrote: This movie wasn't very good. It felt like it was starting out strong, but then the story made less and less sense as it went on. There was more gore than the first film, but less grounding in reality which made it feel more like a meaningless, emotionally ineffective gore-fest. The character Tiffany was really incoherent and pointless.

Bill M (kr) wrote: So refreshing to see a character study film that is not dependent on wordy long takes.

Brad W (au) wrote: Really interesting film. See the serious side of Jackie Gleason.