Voices from Beyond

Voices from Beyond

Giorgia Mainardi, a brutal and egoistic person, died. Noone is really interested in his death, but during his autopsy they find out he was murdered. As a voice from dead, he and his daugther try to find the murder of him... but they have to hurry, because his spirit is fading away.

When a family man is poisoned to death, it's covered up as a stomach hemorrhage and his spirit returns to aid his daughter in finding his killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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E R (us) wrote: tom cruise is the WORST. the plot was a bit lacking, but then again, it was never going to be as good as the book. I really feel bad I paid money to watch this.

Martin P (au) wrote: It's ok and doesn't leave much to the imagination!

Lilian L (ru) wrote: The girl's car is freaking beautiful.

Scot C (ag) wrote: This one went under the radar. But Colin Firth, & Emily Blunt are perfect!

Anna B (kr) wrote: It didn't make me want to read the book, but I did look up the Wikipedia page, so that's something. The Hogfather would have benefited from a bigger budget, especially the Tooth Fairy Castle. Also, as a non-fan, I would have liked more background on the Discworld.

Gissell L (mx) wrote: Funny, sweet, moving and real. A portrait of towns and people in Patagonia. I was lucky enough to work in Patagonia a couple of years later and I thought about this movie a lot.

Lief T (au) wrote: Not a bad movie make on the book - stayed pretty close to the original story and did it justice. Still one of my favorite young adult stories.

Madiha H (us) wrote: His sense of loss is heartbreaking. It was sad and thoughtful.

Carlos I (it) wrote: Such a nostalgic blast! I love when Johnny 5 hangs out with the punks, and the cliche chase at the end set to "I need a hero". Used to get me pumped, and still brings me back to being a kid.

Timothy S (it) wrote: Great film Look for the references to this film in Hot Fuzz.

Cameron H (mx) wrote: Before addressing the story, I must acknowledge that, in all technical aspects, On the Waterfront consumed me. What could I not love? The close-up, magnetic cinematography was not completely innovative, but Marlon Brando took advantage of this and toned down theatrical tendencies in favour of subtle, more human transformations. I can admire actors who commit fully to extreme actions under extreme circumstances, and it looks great on stage. However, we do not always see the world as a stage. Humans are not usually prone to acting theatrically, even under extreme circumstances. Brando's performance is a shining example of using film to express actions carefully, yet still specifically. I love the pounding jazz rhythms of Leonard Bernstein's score, the suspiciously misleading symbolism of a jacket, and the cold, distant attention to those who are seen as insignificant. Truly, I loved to watch this movie.And yet, when I think about the story, I am not quite close enough to giving a full five stars. Summary: Crime rules an east coast town on the waterfront, where a mob handles dock shipments for, y'know, shady gangster deals. The details of what the mob does aren't of much focus. What matters more is how their actions affect everyone else. A young, washed-up ex-boxer named Terry (Brando) works for his uncle Johnny Friendly (Lee Cobb), leader of the mob, as he sees himself as a bum and incapable of reaching for what he truly wants in life. When working with the religiously conflicted Edie Doyle (Eva Marie Saint), whose brother is thrown off a balcony at the beginning of the movie, and Father Barry (Karl Malden), a priest who encourages those who work at the docks to stand up and fight for fair rights. The desperation of our three heroes in rallying a town full of hopeless victims is such an engaging experience. I am only disappointed by the turnout of these circumstances. That is all I will choose to say. Otherwise, I highly commend director Elia Kazan's On the Waterfront on all levels.

Lauren S (kr) wrote: A poor followup to the original classic.

Nick C (ca) wrote: From the nightmarish mind of Clive Barker, excellent film, type of film a teenager would watch now and find boring or rubbish, but they really don't make them like this anymore, feels good to be 'old' , the music and truly odd creatures add to the spectacle.