On July 23 of 1802, the Duchess of Alba, the richest and most liberated woman of her time, offers a gala to inaugurate her new palace. Attendance is extraordinary: the Prime Minister Manuel...

The story revolves around Goya's womanising and the mysterious death of the Duchess of Alba at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th Centuries, at a time when Madrid was wobbling through a difficult time and setting the scene for the following Prim vs Crown uprising. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Volavérunt torrent reviews

Tit M (de) wrote: les thrillers c est pas trop notre fort lolintrigue moyenne jeu acteur leger c est decevant

John M (au) wrote: Some conceptual horror, but mostly depends on transgressive sexual gross-out for effect.. Still darker and more original than most out there.

D G (ca) wrote: It's impossible to not get enraged while watching this. While we do live in a country that still refuses to grant us federal recognition, it is nothing compared to the brutal lives of exile, self loathing and physical and mental abuse our fellow gay brothers and sisters face through out the muslim world. Important movie for everyone to watch.

Anna B (fr) wrote: Interesting observational movie, though some of the blatantly manipulative editing is annoying, mostly because it seems unnecessary, and the parts with the talk-radio host are tedious and fear-mongering. I think religious indoctrination of children is a big problem, but the apocalyptic notion of the religious far-right taking over America (a notion that was, to be fair, a popular and dispiriting one in that Dubya era) is unhelpful, and of course proving itself more and more wrong as the years go by.

Caitlin L (au) wrote: An OK movie. Not one of their better movies.

Stacy A (us) wrote: The restaurant scene was the best!

Cathal M (au) wrote: This is a terrible movie. Just terrible. A lot of wasted talent here.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: Saw this at the Egyptian recently. I haven't laughed that hard at the theater in a long, long time. Pure lunacy.

Luke E (ru) wrote: Wildly incomprehensible, and incredibly downright out of this world, 1941 has some bold satire intentions coming from the likes of Steven Spielberg. But sadly, the comedy aspect of the film is pushed way too far it almost offsets the entire narrative, that along with too many characters the film focuses on. It may as well be the biggest career low point for Spielberg, nonetheless it has an excellent cast and can be enjoyed much more when viewers intentionally do not take this film seriously as it may as well doesn't take into any of its scenarios seriously.