Volem rien foutre al païs

Volem rien foutre al païs


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:water,   toilet,   capitalism,  

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Volem rien foutre al païs torrent reviews

Jared H (it) wrote: awesome. great story

kirk B (mx) wrote: I thought it was great. It showed life, and the conflict between truth and the shallow mask of perfection put on by so many in American church's.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Love in a time of sensory deprivation...A strange disease has afflicted the earth, depriving people of their sense of smell and taste, initially, then spreading further. At this time a chef, Michael (played by Ewan McGregor), and a scientist, Susan (played by Eva Green), start a relationship...Overly schmaltzy and a bit dull. While the movie does make some interesting points about the importance of our senses, and maybe lack of importance in terms of relationships, the main theme is purely a basic love story, and I believe that's been done before...Good performances by Ewan McGregor and Eva Green in the lead roles. Some solid support, though Ewen Bremner is irritating.

Danielle K (jp) wrote: A very interesting beginning that shows great promise but slowly leads to a disappointing ending that leaves you feeling empty and bored.

Tom D (ag) wrote: Had this film been shot and edited normally it wouldn't have been watchable. It comes off as a script for a stage play, because it relies so much on the actors' dialogue and performances rather than visuals.However with the experimental feature length split-screen, its worth the watch. Strong acting and good editing keeps this stylistic film going.

Antoinnette F (kr) wrote: the movie is entertaining. not what you would expect from an adaptation.

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Deuces Wild isn't great but it a movie that entertains. The fight scenes are a bit over the top but give some amazing cinematogrophy. The acting could have been a bit better given the cast, but it wasn't bad. Nothing spectacular but DW is a fun movie to watch with a great soundtrack.

Alex r (gb) wrote: I am usually one to dislike Spike Lee's work due to his knack for starting fights and complaining about more talented directors. Even I can admit however that Lee can at times make a good effort. Although Summer of Sam is not a great piece of cinema, this is much better film than most in Spike Lee's filmography. The cast really elevate the material, and for what it is, this is an engaging thriller from start to finish that will certainly appeal to viewers looking for a well acted movie with effective thrills. The film could have been better as well, and though Lee tries to craft something quite different from his other work, he at times feels uncertain on how to really make this a standout feature. Spike Lee has made a good film here, and though I hate the guy, I quite enjoyed this dramatic thriller. If only he would change his outlook and shut his mouth, he would be more respected. With this film, he crafts something compelling and worth seeing. This is quite different and even if it's not perfect, it's one of his better films. The film is mixed in terms of what it tries to be, but it's always engaging due to its varied cast and well thought out characters. I will be honest, I wanted to avoid this film, and I thought it wouldn't be good due to the fact that Lee's films tend to be preachy and packed with racial tension, but Summer of Sam is different and refreshing. The cast and plot are compelling and elevate Spike Lee sometimes lacking direction. I did enjoy the film, and along with Malcolm X is Spike Lee's second best directorial effort. Even Lee's haters, like me can admit that this is an entertaining film and it works due to well written characters and standout performances. You can only imagine how much better the film would have been better if someone else would have helmed the project. This is a flawed film, but better than what I initial thought.

Juan S (kr) wrote: Still one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies ever

Mario D G (jp) wrote: The Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever.

Maria D (es) wrote: this was such a fun and young movie. lori loughlin was really great. i loved it.

Daniel C (au) wrote: Meh, nothing too exciting about this just another Chevy Chase lame joked stories that has nothing nothing memorable or want to go back to watching anyrime soon. Boring and too long, which is saying a lot because it last about and hour and a half.

Maximiliano G (fr) wrote: This is maybe the only movie that scared me. And it's weird, because it doesn't have gory imagery or something like that. This movie really plays with your mind. Everything works perfect. Watch it alone at night and have some nightmares.

Theo S (au) wrote: OMG OMG... SHOCK CORRIDOR!!

Aj V (es) wrote: "Tarantulas take to the hills!" That is, towering over the hills! This movie is sensational, but not that great in any other department. Overall, it's okay.

Bill B (gb) wrote: Gave this one a re-watch: these films are fast becoming an old stand-by as far as something to put on for background noise that I can drift in and out of.Introducing the son of everyone's favorite sleuth couple, this film finds the family in the middle of yet another murder mystery.Well worth a look folks, the chemistry is always wonderful and Nora becomes more involved in the case this time around.Recommended.

Jonathan P (ru) wrote: Norm of the NorthI would like to start by saying that I am a big fan of children films, tv shows, etc... This movie was not made to be on the big screen. Norm of the North is a animated child's movie that even Children would fine boring. The animation is not on that bad BUT it falls short on delivering an animated film fit for the big screen. It falls in between a TV movie in the big screen. And with lackluster characters that are just not memorable. This may not be the film to keep your kids entertained.Norm (voiced by Rob Schneider) is a polar bear from the arctic. He finds his home being invaded by real estate company from New York wanting to build condos. Wait, Condos in the Arctic? Even from the start just reading a summery of the movie you will find it sounding out there even for a kids movie. Some of the movie cast are; Billy Nighy, Ken Jeong, and Heather Graham. So it has some small star power in it. So, when you have a story that doesn't make since and humor that falls fate on its face. The story takes parts of other animated movie and don't hide it. Taking from "Happy feet" the I one person to go save it's people. Even trying to play in dancing. The having silly sidekicks like the Penguins from Madagascar. A children's animated movie that is going to be on the big screens you need to have some original humor and characters that both the kid and parents will enjoy. It's not that you can't barrow from other movie but it has to blend together nicely to make a good movie. When you put it all together you get Norm of the North. I give the story of this film half a star. The animated side of thing it's not that bad. The art design is a pretty generic animated kids movie feel to it. The textures on the bears at times looked really nice but there were other time where it just look really bad. It was the same with the rest of the movie. You would have one building look really good but the rest look eh. The movie falls in the weird in between. It's not the worst but it's a little more then a TV movie. For the animation I give it one star.With everything being said this isn't the worst movie I've watched but not the best. It should not have been in theaters. It just does not have the animation or story to really hold up. I would say pass on this movie. There are better movies for your kids to watch. I give this movie one star.