Volere volare

Volere volare

Maurizio works in a dubbing studio and puts sound effects into cartoons. One day his hands turn into cartoon ones, with a life of their own.

Martina is a professional lady whose clients are harmless if eccentric; she sees herself as a social worker. Shy Maurizio dubs sound for cartoons while his outgoing brother dubs more saucy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taba H (es) wrote: Kammottava tappeluaiheinen b-leffa, jossa kukaan ei osaa oikeasti tapella, koreografiat aivan hirveit, toiminnan "nayttavyys" perustuu editointiin. Tarina tv-roskaa ja dialogi niin ikaan saibaa. Leffan katsominen ei palvele ketaan tai mitaan...

Darrin C (ca) wrote: Way overhyped. Even with the middle of the movie on fast forward it was drawn out and boring. I get what the movie is about and I happen to like sad endings at times, but anyone who works for the IRS is scum and I could never see them as a good person. Maybe if Smith played a postman I could give a better review.

Roosevelt G (gb) wrote: It is the best movie .

Grant H (nl) wrote: Ok movie. While the cinematography is stylish, and the performances are great, the problem with Belly is it's story. The story gets a little muddled at time, while other times it is just a combo of Scarface and The Godfather that stars rappers. But it's got some interesting moments, and great camerawork that keeps it fairly entertaining.

Kathryn B (nl) wrote: Terrific film. Pay attention to the opening sequence. All the threads come together at the end. I'm buying this one to watch over and over.

Miranda C (au) wrote: It's a guilty pleasure, because it's not good but darn it if I don't like it.

Mickey S (ag) wrote: So. Freaking. Weird. Stars Meatloaf, and also features Roy Orbison, Hank Jr., Blondie, Alice Cooper, and others.

Kieran F (fr) wrote: Poitier delivers an impressive performance again but the film as a whole doesn't feel as memorable as "In The HEat of The Night" If the film didn't have Poitier in it it really wouldn't be worth watching his performance is great.

Alec B (nl) wrote: Its significantly different than the original stage production (on top of several plot changes, the movie forgets its a musical for much of of the middle section) but that doesn't matter because the film is just delightful. Russell and Monroe make for a fabulous comedic duo, I don't think any other pair of women from 1953 would have managed to be as charming, hilarious, and sexy as these two.