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Võlg torrent reviews

Rohit B (us) wrote: Vishal Bharadwaj's Shakespearean adaptation,` Haider' urf `Hamlet' is a poorly told story constructed to drain last ounce of human patience. The movie is way way too long and choppy all throughout. The actors including Shahid, Tabu and even KK do a fabulous job and I mean really good acting the types rarely seen...but the movie still fails to deliver. It tells a gory side of story with zero context resulting in a lot of rage and also fails to fully keep you with it. I would recommend sitting this one out and renting a DVD when available.

Aaron C (ag) wrote: a pretty realistic rendition of life in singapore for those in tough times (both the hosts and foreign worker). this movie downplays melodrama and leaves most issues understated, to leave it for the viewer to ponder.

Timm S (br) wrote: I Can't Understand The Dialogue By Stallone..Luckily, He Never Stars In Very Complex Stories. Scripts That Spell The Story Out To The Audience Including This Revealing Line, (Stallone) 'What's Wrong With This Picture?' (Statham) 'Everything'...Need We Know More??

Ana O (ru) wrote: me caga hilary duff, pero que bonita se vea winona

Don S (gb) wrote: Another mildly entertaining movie in the franchise. The pups are very cute, but the story is quite simple. If you've seen any of the Air Bud movies, you know exactly what to expect - a couple of chuckles and some lightweight family entertainment. You'll get nothing more or less with this one... You wrote this on 2/3/09.

Jesus H (us) wrote: just another nice movie. nothing else

Anders A (ru) wrote: Kafka metaphoric tale, set in unknown and mysterious surroundings. In a way intriguing yet somehow enourmously heavy in the term of subtlety meaning. Impossible to grasp.

Gil G (es) wrote: It took quite a while for Eric Valette's somber four-man prison drama (with an irresistible supernatural hook) to make its way over to us, but this little movie is every bit as sweet as I always knew it would be. Proof of what can be done with very limited resources and a lot of creativity. Slated, inevitably, for the hack Hollywood remake treatment. But money can't buy the sort of mood and menace Valette so effectively conjured here.

Robert I (de) wrote: Fucking hell, Steve Miner from Felicity and Smallville directed this! I loved this movie when it first came out - AND I STILL DO! Moon rock, mother fucker!

Ron H (gb) wrote: one of the best bad movies i have seen... and lead me to question how movies like this even get funded

Henrik S (us) wrote: A visually stunning, grim and darker as dark fantasy tale that offers an unusual clash of Native Americans and Vikins, a fierce conflict that has not really been covered by too many films and / or stories and probably took not place in the fashion as depicted in the film, but still an interesting approach. The depicition of the brutish vikins is skewed a tad to represent the horror they evoke in the eyes of the Native American people and the victims of their mighty broadswords, hence, they serve as the flesh-ripping demons from beyond the sea, rather, than a fully fledged part of a two-way conflict. All in all, that is fine by me, it just makes the film lope to one side and turns into a survival-action hybrid more than a tale of two cities. I never had Karl Urban put down as a bulky action star and I guess he never really came to be known as such, so I found it a bit odd to see him doing the Conan in this one, but he did a good job, even though it consists mostly of looking pissed off and taking names. Yet, many of the actors are actual Native Americans, that is, descendants of the same and that makes for some great atmosphere and general mood. The rest is a stakkato of sword-fights, sneaking past the enemies, psychological warfare as a prisoner, a spot-on medieval-slasher road movie that ticks all the boxes, follows some clichess but keeps dripping psychedelic blurts of creativity into a stale script, keeping it interesting and gritty. Good entertainment that drags on a bit towards the end. The visuals and landscapes are a high point and support a thoroughly good film.

Soheil W (ca) wrote: A great movie, especially very entertaining for kids! Moreover good story and plot. Thumbs up.

Paul D (es) wrote: This isn't the worst horror effort for what is a seriously low-budget film, however it really does show at times.

Rosemary C (ca) wrote: Dramatic Depiction of WWII in Asia.

Jason C (fr) wrote: The crime stuff is really great, with the interaction between Bogart and Ida Lupino the highlight of the film. Unfortunately there is silly, racist characterization that is just a distraction and a stupid dog that is bad luck to any who it attaches itself to. As if we need some mutt to let us know that these types of 'heroes" are fated to die. Still worthy of checking out for the strong acting and the refreshing on-location shooting, including a pretty exciting car chase sequence.