A crime drama about Victoria - a young detective who finds that her first love is actually a criminal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn R (br) wrote: This film had the right idea but the execution did not work. Kids getting shot in the head is a little disturbing. Maybe is something in the film was actually scary more people would have like it.

Joey F (jp) wrote: the most repulsive full-length animated feature ever is actually enjoyable! if you've watched this comedy central tv series, don't miss this crass, vulgar, unbelievably pornographic laugh mayhem of a movie. Warning: for mature or brain-dead audience only.

Carol H (kr) wrote: The consensus pretty much sums up my feelings for this movie.

Greg W (us) wrote: good WWII pic post WWII

Stephen D (es) wrote: Perhaps the worst film I've ever seen. Hard to believe it came out the same year as Star Wars. 0-

Abdulmalik A (br) wrote: Only someone with slow-drying cement in their veins wouldn't be moved.

Brian M (mx) wrote: This movie portrays Mormons as if they were a biker gang on the streets of L.A.

Janina S (ru) wrote: In many regards, looking at the plot elements, it's basically a poor imitation of Singing in the Rain. The use of subtitles was inconsistent, so many conversation were missed. Neither of the main characters were relatable. The progression of the story itself was a bit choppy. In the end it was rather dull, and the characters were entirely forgettable.

Marcos L (gb) wrote: A nice movie to watch with mom. Story line is beautiful as relationships get reestablished throughout the movie but enough situations to have you wanting more out of the characters that later on catch on. This movie speaks love.

Simon W (de) wrote: What do you do when your lover is hit by a car and killed? Why, clone him and raise him as your son, of course. Womb is worth watching for the the dystopian commentary that sees cloned children and their families shunned by mainstream society: "Did you smell it? The copy smell?" but the rest of the film is melancholic and depressing.