Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Stones of power are given to some chosen fighters, who are being trained by a master to defeat the master's darker tendencies of destroying humanity. The fighters do not necessarily get along even as the world heads toward peril.

Stones of power are given to chosen fighters trained by a master in order to overthrow the master's plan to destroy humanity. The fighters do not necessarily get along even as the world heads toward peril. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (fr) wrote: Good Animation Outing for Superman. The animation is decent a bit too angular for my taste. The story and action is simple and well paced and you never get bored although i prefer deeper plots.

David J (fr) wrote: In this observant, slow-burning character study about a former drug addict who's trying to keep his sobriety in check, long conversations and still, slow shots say more than the casual film-goer might think.

Suthesan M (mx) wrote: fantastic movie,,,, totally different to other movies....

Robert H (nl) wrote: Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD would like to be a scathing indictment of 1950s America and suburbia but unfortunately fails to say anything fresh, and its satirical edge is remarkably dull. Still, there were some fine performances and individual moments that stand out, not to mention the excellent filmmaking on display. The story is about the Wheelers, a couple who live in the Revolutionary Hill Estates, a Connecticut suburban community. On the outside their life looks idyllic, but underneath it all there is a deep dissatisfaction and resentment that begins to manifest itself. The banality of suburban life is not a new topic in literature or film, and this film does a good job getting the surface details right in order to make its point rather clear. However, I didn't feel like it did anything I haven't seen before in other films, like THE ICE STORM and Sam Mendes' own AMERICAN BEAUTY. In fact, this felt a lot like AMERICAN BEAUTY, with the exception that it was set in the 1950s. Even the score was reminiscent of the one for that previous film. However, that one had a more arty feel that this film didn't have. Still, despite the (ironically) banal subject matter, this film was well put together on every front, both technical and performance-wise. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet do a good job playing their roles, although there isn't too much depth to their characters at all. There were a few smaller roles that had familiar faces behind them, but they also felt under-developed. By far the best performance in the entire film was a small role played by Michael Shannon, the temporarily institutionalized son of the couple who sold the house on Revolutionary Road to the Wheelers. His couple of scenes have that acerbic wit and bite to them that I wish had been more prevalent in the overall story, which felt downright sterile at times. From a technical standpoint, the film is flawless and the photography was beautiful, belying the ugliness of the atmosphere projected by its characters. Overall, I didn't hate this film but I didn't think it entirely justified its existence either. It does a good job of portraying suburban malaise, but at the end of it you have to ask "So what?" Still it made for a pleasant, if unspectacular, viewing experience and was capped off with the perfect ending.

Bill R (ru) wrote: had more potential in everything if the budget was a bit bigger. I read it was gory but there really wasn't much to it. there were opportunities to make it pretty bad but they always did the cut away and show someone else's reaction to it, except for a certain scene that made my gf and I both say "oooh!" a nice little b movie though for a night in with nothing better to watch.

Private U (gb) wrote: Very funny, especially if you've worked at the periphery of the film industry but don't consider yourself to be a part of it. Might be a bit to close to the truth for actual industry members.

gladiatress g (ag) wrote: Easy going English humor.

Art S (ru) wrote: Low budget serial that was soon to move to TV, featuring Ralph Byrd as the fabled detective. Here, he comes face-to-face with Boris Karloff as Gruesome, a nasty thug who gets his hands on a scientist's new chemical that has the power to freeze people in their tracks, virtually unconscious (but actually freeze-framed). This enables a major bank robbery but fortunately Dick's girlfriend Tess is in the phone booth at the bank, impervious to the gas and able to call the cops. The comic book action is writ large and fairly silly but not so much as Batman the 1960's TV series (for example). So, things might be a bit dull if the proceedings weren't lifted by Karloff's special touch. Somehow I thought Tracy would be a bit sterner but he seems a fun-loving joe here. No gadgets anywhere in sight.

Mortea B (br) wrote: B.A.D it realy disapoint me

Scott C (ca) wrote: Extremely lacking in dramatic conflict.

Benjamin S (nl) wrote: If you like Rowan Atkinson, you'll like this well enough.

Alan E (ru) wrote: I had the pleasure of watching this movie last night. Although I was aware of it being a critical success, for some reason it had not attracted me( Like The impressive "Shawshank Redemption" the title gave little away, and the publicity shot of Judi Dench, just did little to invite my attention. I wa so GLAD I took the time and trouble last night. The unsentimental moving story was hard to watch without a tear in my eye. The performances of Jude and Coogan( someone who I have not found an interesting performer in the past) wer excellent, the story engaging, and the whole thing well done, the usage of real footage of the son Michael was moving. Well Worth anybody's time and money. Watch it!