Volver a empezar

Volver a empezar

A Nobel prize winner returns to his natal city looking for his home.

A Nobel prize winner returns to his natal city looking for his home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke R (ru) wrote: 'Management' with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn was not an unenjoyable film but there were too many plot holes for me to get too much out of it.For instance, Aniston's character was initially put off by Zahn and essentially thought he was a nut job. Then in what felt like the very next scene with little explanation - she allows him to touch her butt.Sorry, but that's not good story telling. There needed to be something in the plot to explain her dramatic change of heart.Again, not a terrible movie - just inconsistent. I wouldn't really recommend this one.

April W (kr) wrote: I keep wondering if those French fries ever molded?

Laura S (ru) wrote: Saw part and want to see the rest... it was quite gripping!

Adam P (gb) wrote: There is no doubt that somehow, somewhere, stoned film-school students are receiving funds to make films. Therein, there is no one to blame but the producers. This is a scattered film without drive or ambition, fiercely invested in it's scattered lack of ambition.

Alex r (br) wrote: Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita is his undisputed masterpiece, along with The Professional; Besson has delivered a stunning work that is riveting, filled with action, great performances and a well crafted story. The script here is solid, and this is exactly the type of film that action fans will find appealing. Mixed into the action is a plot that is smartly layered, intriguing that is elevated by a great cast of actors. The film's mood is dark and ominous, and it gives it a sense of style that only enhances the film's style. Besson has yet to top La Femme Nikita, and as far as action films in general are concerned, this is a near perfect example of a film that successfully combines action and a great storyline. Luc Besson's script is near perfection, and fans of the genre, owe it to themselves to check this film out. La Femme Nikita hits the right notes, and moves at a fast pace under the direction of Besson, who has yet to make a film that matches the scope of this. This is pure action and thrills, and if you love the genre, then this is a film that will definitely satisfy your need for effective, memorable action sequences. Lead actress Anne Parillaud delivers a powerful performance in the lead role, and actor Tchky Karyo is equally as good. Both actors command the screen, and they have great chemistry on-screen. Besson has made a standout film that manages to redefine action cinema, and since its initial release back in 1990, has elevated the standards of action cinema.

Eric R (ca) wrote: Nightflyers is another one of those 80's films that I always wanted to see just for the VHS/Poster artwork alone. After many many years I was finally able to view this seemingly lost film and it just proves how much better video artwork can be compared to the movie underneath it. Is Nightflyers a total waste? Oh no as it as a lot going for it plus it with it's interesting Blade Runner / 80's New Wave mish mash style and of course it also stars the gorgeous Catherine Mary Stewart. I feel in love with her when I was a kid after watching her in Night of the Comet, The Last Starfighter and Weekend at Bernie's. When the film does get to a bad stretch, it's always nice to forget about its flaws and just oogle at her beauty on screen.Nightflyers is basically are more simplified, 80's new wave retelling of the last act of 2001: A Space Odyssey without the intelligence. A group of scientists (lead by Catherine Mary Stewart) are sent out on a mission to track down an omnipotent alien life form cruising around the galaxy. While on their mission our computer goes haywire and starts killing off our crew when the ship's captain (bound to the ship by being ill, thus being our computers only friend) decides that he wants to leave the ship.As you can tell the plot is just a rehash of much better science fiction films. Our computer over sees our crew with a "red eye" in walls (hell Hal-2000!) and it opens pod bay doors to kill off crew and even locks crew members outside of the ship while they are in little pod like spaceships. Apparently the filmmakers can play the story off as new because they give the film a cool new wave 80's look to it.I will give the film credit as a has a great look to it. I found the Blade Runner look and lighting mixed with 80's new wave hair, outfits and camera shots rather interesting. The look of the film did keep my attention when the plot failed to interest me. I really dug the shot at the beginning of the film with Catherine Mary Stewart's narration and it how it shows her with awesome mirrored sunglasses which reflect the rest of the crew. It's almost straight out of an 80's music video.The cast is also good with decent acting helping the flawed plot along. I also really liked Catherine Mary Stewart's character as she was smart, courageous, beautiful and a good human being all at the same time. Actually I think this film hardened my crush on Catherin even more!If Lionsgate ever decides to release this flawed science fiction film on DVD I would actually buy it even though I wasn't whole heartedly impressed with it. I dug the dark 80's style and the cast was great. Plus I am guaranteed to buy anything starring Catherine Mary Stewart, one of the most gorgeous actresses of the 80's if you ask my humble opinion.

Tabitha F (ag) wrote: One of Glen Ford more humanizing films. Bette Davis one of the greatest actresses Hollywood will have ever seen truly shows the sides between richness of heart, and weak in body. The story has an essence of love, and humanity that makes you believe miracles can truly happen.

Jenna G (ca) wrote: Not sure why or how this got nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, but it is a really good, entertaining film. Crowe really owns the whole movie, even though Paul Bettany is very good here. The success of the film is all on Crowe's charm & ability to carry a film, like he has done many times. I'm not a HUGE Crowe fan, but this might actually be one of my favorite roles/performances from him.

Emmanuel S (ru) wrote: Its true love for martial arts films is evident, but 'The Man With The Iron Fists' still ends feeling like a faded Xerox copy of the movies it mimics, but with more hip hop music.

Tom L (de) wrote: Pretty sweet thriller but I'm not sure about that ending . . .