Von Ryan's Express

Von Ryan's Express

Von Ryan's Express stars Frank Sinatra as a POW colonel who leads a daring escape from Nazi Germany by taking over a freight train, but he has to win over the British soldiers he finds himself commanding.

Ryan, an American POW, leads his fellow prisoners on a dangerous escape from the Germans in Italy. Having seemingly made errors of judgment, Ryan has to win the support of the mainly British soldiers he is commanding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Von Ryan's Express torrent reviews

Ni C (jp) wrote: are u kidding this was better than the first 2 it had a great frame with plot ! i wish more of their eps did that !

Ryan C (jp) wrote: It was actually quite good in the first half, and then the entire plot just fell apart...

Donald L (us) wrote: Cute and inspirational.

Pedro P (fr) wrote: A beautiful little movie of a woman in need. Definitly one of the more real films i have ever seen. Catalina Sandino Moreno plays Maria Alvares in this oscar nominated performance.

Larry L (jp) wrote: Great film full of Native American mythology & great special effects.

Travis H (ag) wrote: Probably better than the first.. because there is no Joshua Jackson.. ugh

Julia A (mx) wrote: the forgotten Gullah people were slave from us that escaped to islands off north carolina and retained their islamic, jewish and animistic beliefs.. by Julie west... lovely film making

Chris L (jp) wrote: the inspirational story of the founder of Japanese tea ceremony and one of Japans most acclaimed artisans. this humble film shows the tragedy and delicacy of life in Japans feudal days. full of subtly and refinement.

clinton e (au) wrote: You definitely have to see the previous installments to see this one, for there are so many early references. Any way, the movie was great. What else can I say? If you've stuck with the series this long you're going to like it. It has absolutely no story (just traps) but who cares? No one really walks into one of these movies as a critic looking for the perfect script and story,there really just for fun! It's really just torture, which is really the only reason that people watch these. The ending kind of let me down. It was great, but it wasn't that huge Ah! moment where the plot twists and leaves you thinking. Other than that, it's saw, what more can I say!