Andy comes to campus in order to be close to his girlfriend Rebecca. Since he needs a place to stay he joins one of the college fraternities. However, a strange looking man warns him that the fraternity is just a cover-up for the weird voodoo cult.

Andy comes to campus in order to be close to his girlfriend Rebecca. Since he needs a place to stay he joins one of the college fraternities. However, a strange looking man warns him that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc L (us) wrote: Ces "Mystres de Lisbonne" sont un cas d'ecole. Les grandes sagas familiales qui s'etendent demesurement dans l'espace et le temps, je connais (ai vu "Legendes d'automne" comme tout le monde, hein!)...mais c'est bien la premire fois qu'elles le font pendant si longtemps ! Car, toute oeuvre pour le grand ecran dotee de reels moyens financiers qu'elle soit, cette co-production franco-lusitano-bresilienne obeit strictement au rythme narratif de la Telenovela, de la serie de l'ete TF1 (ouch!) ou du feuilleton historique et sentimental comme les gazettes en publiaient dans la seconde moitie du 19me sicle. J'en veux pour preuve que chaque "partie" du film fonctionne comme une saison serielle, avec une "enigme" resolue qui ne fait que lever un coin de voile sur un autre mystre plus ancien. Vu le trs grand nombre d'intrigues successives et/ou parallles, de ses aller-et-retours temporels entre les generations et du nombre grandissant de protagonistes impliques dans cette comedie humaine tortueuse, "Mystres de Lisbonne" s'avre parfois fastidieux suivre...mais son langage narratif, sorte de fado cinematographique la fois precis et plein de langueur, lui permet de surmonter l'obstacle. Sa grande complexite en devient sa force principale et on finit par suivre ce demi-sicle d'histoire portuguaise avec l'intert qu'on porterait toute bonne epopee romanesque l'ancienne. Pourtant, avec une duree qui excde largement les quatre heures, seuls les plus obstines des cinephages auront sans doute la force de decouvrir le fin mot de l'histoire !

Rick I (ru) wrote: Les Claypool did the music

Roger B (ru) wrote: covers the ideas of jacque fresco, a futurist, social planner, research engineer, etc.. it popped into my head that the situation where his ideas might have the most traction is a post-apocalyptic scenario, where the current institutionalized system of social incentives collapses and people are forced to confront the unsuitablility of our current decision-making processes. there is alot of stress on resource management and automation. but the biggest change is clearly social where fresco envisions the realization, by all, that subjective "opinions" are inadequate for decision-making and reason, logic, fact and humanistic values must necessarily triumph. clearly we are not there yet.

JeanmidnightMarc V (de) wrote: my kind of film, this is visualy beautiful!

Paul P (ca) wrote: This will probably grow on me more as time goes on. I just love what David Gordon Green and his DP Tim Orr do. The visual look they go for is perfect in every film they've done together. The only flaw in this movie is it's too realistic. When they have arguments it's real. They barely make sense, they pronounce words wrong and they sorta stutter. And in Deschanel's case she plays an 18 year old in her first serious relationship. You can see and feel her mind always going but never quite being able to say what she's thinking. I loved this movie from the very first scene.

Jason D (es) wrote: Arcade is another Full Moon anomaly from the early 90's that features a bevy of god awful special effects mixed with that same old teens in peril song and dance. The lead AJ Langer (The People Under the Stairs) is a little unstable thanks to her mom committing suicide and her dad being utterly lifeless. With that, she escapes with friends to the local arcade where a new virtual reality game called.....um...Arcade is being introduced to test subjects. Naturally, there are some complications when the game gets a mind of its own and wants to take the souls of all the kids who play it. It's up to Langer and her friend Nick (Peter Billingsley...HEY KIDS, IT'S RALPHIE FROM A CHRISTMAS STORY) to stop this evil gamemaster from taking everyone's souls. First off, this movie is not very good at all, and effects are atrocious. Just watch it; you'll see what I mean. It's also incredibly boring, but oddly enough, I would much rather watch this over and over again than that even MORE dreadful "Stay Alive" killer game movie. Still, this movie ain't no Brainscan. Be on the look out for a young Seth Green, who plays one of the friends in peril, as well as Don Stark (That 70's Show) as the Arcade owner.

Jerith A (au) wrote: Netflix needs to step their game up

BF E (ag) wrote: In this, one of Fellini's last films, the circus has invaded all aspects of reality: Rome has piles of steaming garbage heaped everywhere, as if the circus has tidied up after another busy day; all the billboards and advertisements are like hucksters - vulgar and garish to the point of absurdity, and even the stars "Amelia" (Masina) and "Pippo" (Mastroianni) illustrate that aging may be a device of clowning - you never know what's coming next. There is pathos here, and biting satire particularly regarding television, and such giddy hilarity that I was reminded of "8 1/2." The most unfortunate aspect of the film involves the spare application of subtitles - too many lines are spoken that are simply not translated. But generally, the humor here is not intellectual but physical or situational, so not much is lost in non-translation (I hope).

Scott R (jp) wrote: Jail break, with a bit thick on the melodrama.

Donald B (ag) wrote: Beautifully done. Add this one to your must watch list.

Entertain Me O (ca) wrote: 56%As a fan of the novel, the film does an okay job in interpreting it; but the acting and certain changes are very bad.

Carol H (mx) wrote: Another one of those films I don't have a real opinion about. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't love it.