Voyage in Time

Voyage in Time

The travels in Italy of director Andrei Tarkovsky in preparation for the making of his film Nostalghia.

Like the Russian poet of 'Nostalghia', who, accompanied by his Italian guide and translator, traveled through Italy researching the life of an 18th-century Russian composer, Andrei ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Renee R (nl) wrote: I hate Woody Allen endings. This just stops at the wrong moment where you are left with thinking her life has just fallen apart (again), is she going to kill her self. You just don't know where her life is going to go.

Mike W (mx) wrote: So weird. I the best way possible.

Steven S (nl) wrote: Was a good idea to teach ppl about cougars who dont knw about them

kellie s (it) wrote: Great movie i liked seeing Freddie Prinze Jr in a different role and this film did him justice, recommend!

peejay d (us) wrote: it is a very lovely movie. im so impressed.

J K (ca) wrote: I dislike Spike Lee greatly just because he's one of the biggest racists and self-important jerks in the movie industry today. A man this powerful has a chance to make films that unite instead of the polarizing crap he turns out. This movie, though heavily, heavily racially charged and probably not for anyone who likes the fact they are caucasian, has decent dialogue and is watchable just for the characters. But don't take it too seriously.

Joe C (ag) wrote: Only the visual visionary dream team of Powell and Pressburger could've made a film so aesthetically striking that Technicolor's then CEO claimed it was the best utilization of their process. P&P's borderline-insane efforts for artistic perfection in Black Narcissus was rewarded with censorships by a studio that feared exposing nuns to temptation would invoke controversy. The sexual and sacrilegious undertones, now hilariously subtle by today's standards, have since faded and brought to light what a brilliant marriage of style and substance Black Narcissus truly is. The plot concerns a group of nuns setting up convent in the Himalayas as they toil against the endless wind and native drumming on the outside and the lusty forces on the inside, but it's the imagery that make this film essential. This is visual storytelling at its most astonishing, with an enrapturing elegiac atmosphere that seems to possess the whole film, and the most emotional rainstorm in history acting as the fitting denouement.

Troy K (br) wrote: Pretty good except for bad acting, low budget and a story that never really takes off. I still liked it.