Vozes do Medo

Vozes do Medo

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Vozes do Medo 1972 full movies, Vozes do Medo torrents movie

Why "Vozes do Medo" (Voices of Fear)? A movie in the form of a magazine, about constrainment, negation, impossibility, apathy. There is no story, only facts which might constitute a story, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vozes do Medo torrent reviews


Agnieska L (ca) wrote: a beautiful, slow paced story about... see title ;)

Kirk B (au) wrote: Quite possibly one of the worst movies ever. Dodgy story line, pathetic acting, shoddy special effects and completely unentertaining. I want those 90 minutes back I just wasted watching it..

arjane x (ca) wrote: For 5years old and below. Don't expect your children to become geniuses though once you expose them to crap like these.

Dinithi G (jp) wrote: brought back feelings of nostalgia

tamara c (mx) wrote: great great movie .... can you get it on flixster already !!!!

Emily j (nl) wrote: Hmmm seems like im the only one who really loved this film.

Marco D (br) wrote: Con respecto a la esttica, creo que esta es mi pelcula favorita de todos los tiempos. Pense que con Saving Private Ryan haba visto todo con respecto al genero blico, nunca pude estar tan equivocado. Se siente que la pelcula dura tres horas pero no se siente densa. Lo mejor de la pelcula es su esttica-potica, uno inconscientemente trata de procesar todo ese discurso de Brando y de encontrarte algn sentido filosfico, y para ayudar a este juego mental nos acompaa una fotografa y un manejo de luces y sombras verdaderamente increble.Sin exagerar quede hipnotizado. Pense que la fotografa era perfecta en la primer hora y media de la pelcula, con todos esos helicpteros y explosiones, pero por dios, la ultima hora de este pelcula es una pintura contada por maestros detrs de una cmara, los ltimos 20 minutos no me dejaron pestaa, para colmo los subtitulo estaban atrasados y sin embargo mi cerebro ya estaba consumido por querer prestar atencion. Me gustara que con el tiempo esta pelcula se vuelva de mis favoritas, nunca fui muy fantico del cine blico, pero esta pelcula es otra categora, la tenia pendiente desde hace un tiempo y no me defraudo en lo mas mnimo, obra maestra por donde se la mire. 04/06/16 - 04:28 a.m

Eric B (jp) wrote: The Village People's "Can't Stop the Music" and the Peter Frampton/Bee Gees take on "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" draw most of the heat, but "Sextette" deserves equal enshrinement as one of the disco era's ultimate film catastrophes. Mae West essentially plays herself as actress Marlo Manners, humbly introduced as "Hollywood's all-time superstar" and "the greatest sex symbol the screen has ever known." Her list of lovers is even more outrageous than her age-hiding makeup, and she has just married her sixth husband, Sir Michael Barrington (Timothy Dalton, during his hungrier years). She and Michael have retired to their honeymoon suite and are eager to git busy, but the paparazzi (including Regis Philbin and Rona Barrett), ex-husbands (Ringo Starr, Tony Curtis, George Hamilton) and Marlo's entourage (notably Dom De Luise, perhaps the only cast member who comes off well) are a steady obstacle. Songs keep popping up regardless of how loudly you protest, and they aren't even originals except for a pair written by Van "The Hustle" McCoy. Instead you get nuggets such as "Love Will Keep Us Together" (this is why James Bond never sings), "Baby Face," "After You've Gone," the Beatles' "Honey Pie" and "Hooray for Hollywood." Usually with slick, period-dated arrangements.Awkward subplots feature a world-government conflict that only Marlo can solve (the Jimmy Carter lookalike is a tasteless cringe) and a pink cassette of her memoirs that she paradoxically labors over despite believing it needs to be destroyed. Don't miss the cameos of Keith Moon and Alice Cooper, though. Moon (sadly near death) is a flamboyant costume designer, and an unrecognizable Cooper is a well-groomed waiter who performs the film's only semi-listenable song on piano. Seeing a slimmer De Luise tap-dance is another fun surprise.West probably deserves some leeway, considering she was eighty-something at the time. It's ludicrous to present herself as a lust object who would drive men like Dalton and Hamilton wild, but she does supply an adequate string of one-liners to swat back obvious set-ups such as "I'll keep a stiff upper lip." Har har. (Actually, one pun about director Ernst Lubitsch is quite clever, and there's also her oft-quoted "...or are you just happy to see me?" quip.)

Trent R (de) wrote: Spectacular Kovacs' cinematography with long takes and zooms, plus fine performances by a perfectly cast Dennis and Murphy. Typical simultaneous conversations capture elements of gender and class anxiety in a nice dinner party scene, a hipster cafe and especially a diaphragm fitting sequence. The gender role reversal from the typical scenario works well, as does the absence of typical suspense techniques in terms of audio, jump cuts, etc. Not necessarily one of Altman's greatest films, but an absurd oversight in terms of availability.

x x (nl) wrote: A charming relic of a more innocent era of simple matinee pleasures.

Nasu N (es) wrote: I watched this with expectations that it was going to be shit, and it was painfully worse. Grab a generic story that doesn't go anywhere, an absolutely horrible car ride that is 80% of the entire film, hilarious and ANNOYING acting from Selena Gomez, cheesy, CHEESY, CHESSY FAR-FETCHED PIECE OF SHIT! Not to mention how dumb the entire film is and BORING. There was a point in the third act where I knew the director completely gave up. This movie is a waste of your time and shouldn't even be watched for guilty pleasures. I guess Ethan Hawke gave his best effort but the overall film limited his potential.

Mago B (de) wrote: Si lo que quieren ver es una balacera sin sentido y contenido, mejor vayan y vean alguna pelcula de Michael Bay. Este es un trabajo que cuenta de una forma muy particular un hecho desastroso en la historia de Estados Unidos, y no solo porque aprovecha el material base que posee y lo cuenta todo bajo cortes temporales, rompiendo con ello las lineas narrativas convencionales; sino que con su fotografa de un tono que me atrevera a denominar "naturalista", expone el ambiente comn y habitual tanto de las vctimas como de los victimarios, y con ello nos comunica que estos no son personajes... son personas... personas vivas con sueos, hbitos, gustos, problemas, alegras, infortunios y dems... personas que fueron asesinadas a sangre fra, cruelmente.Evidentemente esta obra no es perfecta, es sencilla y diferente, y precisamente por ello muchas personas puede tacharla de aburrida, carente de dinamismo y mala en los trminos ms simples (sobre todo aquella gente habituada y arraigada a la pomposidad de Hollywood); no obstante, al Csar lo que es del Csar: esta una pelcula que presenta un acontecimiento escabroso a partir de un ngulo distinto, bajo una tcnica, si bien no particularmente artstica, efectiva e ingeniosa.