VS3: Infantry of Doom

VS3: Infantry of Doom

Karl the Butcher continues his violence on an isolated island, but this time he has his followers.

Karl the Butcher continues his violence on an isolated island, but this time he has his followers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


VS3: Infantry of Doom torrent reviews

Oscar T (ca) wrote: Una mirada intima al infravalorado deporte del fisicoculturimo, sobre disciplina, empeo, amor y decepcin. El Pumping Iron de esta generacin.

Michael S (it) wrote: One of the more original found footage films Ive seen

Jacob R (us) wrote: Though definitely enjoyable in parts, this film is either a low farce with an acute awareness of the faults of its genre and tropes, or the epitome of those faults with a little gay twist. Fun, though!

Kevin K (au) wrote: Many reviews seem to focus on the acting skills of the Navy SEALs in this film, but why? This is amazing action flick with only the occasional pause where scripted dialogue takes over. I think the critics are likely a bunch of slimy leftists who can't stomach the idea of loving America the way these military men do.

Vyacheslav K (br) wrote: While it has some funny scenes, I don't think I will be seeing it again anytime soon. Just a very forgettable movie with decent acting and not a terribly exciting plot or premise.

Colin D (br) wrote: They just stole the name of one of the best Sci-fi books and turned it into a very thin film which was nothing like the story. Just a seies of props for Tom Cruise to run around or jump over things. Dreadful film!!!

Marcel L (de) wrote: No women, no long dialogues, no violence, no sex...just a great movie!

Andrei D (de) wrote: O poveste despre amoralitate

bill s (es) wrote: Many of these young actors went on to big careers in this overlooked little gem...bittersweet but engaging.

soul r (es) wrote: one of my all time favorite comedy

Dustin R (us) wrote: Early Corbucci with a horribly casted Cameron Mitchell. Mitchell rules in general, but in the film he looks like the last person that would ever be a hardass gunslinger. The ending reclaims itself a bit, but the film overall cannot compare with later Corbucci.

Thaer N (fr) wrote: Angela Lansbury superb as Chad's mom. A classic from my childhood.

Mario G (es) wrote: Orson Welles said of Make Way for Tomorrow, "It would make a stone cry,"

Adam R (ca) wrote: Notable today for being the first film to win the Academy Award for best picture, but I didn't find it easy to watch. Time hasn't been kind to Wings. While some technical aspects may be impressive for its time, it is completely lacking in entertainment value. (First and only viewing - 2/7/2011)

Bill W (ca) wrote: One of the strangest movies I've ever seen. Very compelling though and darkly humorous/satirical. It's refreshing to see something this original and which speaks to relationship issues in such a pointed way.

Lee C (gb) wrote: A Must see movie - tear jerker, excellent script, excellent acting from Saoirse Ronan