Vsichko e lyubov

Vsichko e lyubov

A boy from a poor Sofia neighborhood - Rado who is orphan and has committed several petty crimes - is sent to a borstal, or, to put it otherwise becomes a juvenile prisoner. Unfortunately, ...

A boy from a poor Sofia neighborhood - Rado who is orphan and has committed several petty crimes - is sent to a borstal, or, to put it otherwise becomes a juvenile prisoner. Unfortunately, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anand K (fr) wrote: note to new filmakers: starting a film with expositional dialogue is amateur. show, don't tell. that's screenwriting 101.

Harry W (mx) wrote: With a desire for cheap Steven Seagal fun, Today You Die sounded like the right path to take.It's safe to say that I expected little from Today You Die because there are not really that many Steven Seagal films that amuse me and yet I constantly find myself on a search for the ones that do. Considering that Today You Die fits into the criteria of being one of Steven Seagal's mid-2000's direct-to-DVD action era which proved to be an unsatisfactory status for films such as Out For a Kill and Into the Sun, there was honestly not much I could make myself hope for. Alas, I still had a desire to see Steven Seagal in action and so I pushed to see Today You Die. But I was correct in my first guess because Today You Die essentially adhered to every convention in the DVD case. I would say every convention in the book, but Today You Die does not have the literacy of a book. Steven Seagal delivers a performance as lacklustre and generic as you would expect from him in such a limited film, and as a result he does not have the strength to carry the film alone. Luckily, someone was smart enough to try pairing him up with a stereotypical African-American badass for comic relief and gave the role to rapper Treach. Treach isn't perfect, but he has the charisma which Steven Seagal is lacking in. However, Treach is wasted because he could have supplied a sense of comic relief to the story like Ja Rule did in Steven Segal's 2002 film Half Past Dead, he is instead used significantly less than he really should have. The film is left in the hands of Steven Seagal and director Don E. Fauntleroy, though neither of them really succeed in making anything out of the film. This is partially because the story itself is as generic and weak as you would expect, and yet Don E. Fauntleroy gets so bent on taking itself seriously that he loses sight of the fact that Today You Die should have been a guilty pleasure if anything. Neither of them seem bent on creating effective action scenes. Steven Seagal tries at some moments because he shows that his martial arts skills had potential , even if it is all a little bit familiar. But still, there ends up being minimal creativity in the action in Today You Die because it just goes in circles.The action scenes in the film are all shot wrong. Much of the time, they film from the face of Steven Seagal which prevents viewers from seeing what he is actually doing as a means of getting involved in combat, and at others he is shot from behind which shows off none of his physique and isolates the action to the distance. It takes very little time before viewers are confronted with this, and considering that the only people watching a film like Today You Die are the most die hard Steven Seagal action junkies, they are more than likely to be disappointed that he spends most of the film hidden beneath poor lighting, facing away from the camera and engaged in action scenes which focus more on his face than his abilities. Even the action scenes which do not directly involve Steven Seagal fail to ignite much joy. The artificiality of the explosions in the car chase scenes are so obvious that they almost create unintentional humour. I emphasize the word almost because they are not close to being funny as it is just say that as a fan of good action films I must condemn myself to watching features this poor and Steven Seagal must insist on making them. Frankly, Today You Die is just a reminder that Steven Seagal has lost touch with his roots as there is no honour in the action skills he displays on this film, nor is there enough of a budget for him to go into the fun sense of overdrive he achieved with Under Siege and On Deadly Ground. As any genius can tell you, the one thing that audiences would be hoping for potential from in Today You Die is simply the action scenes, but the fact that Today You Die makes minimal use of Steven Seagal's martial arts skills and then goes and butchers them even further with poor technical qualities just proves to hammer down every nail on the coffin that is Today You Die. Like I said, the plot in the film takes itself too seriously. And because of this, Today You Die does not succeed as being so bad its good in any area. Even though On Deadly Ground is one of Steven Seagal's most critically panned films, at least it had fun action, a sense of passion and the unintentional comedic value of Steven Seagal's poor Alaskan accent. Since Today You Die follows such a generic path, there is nothing for it to be proud of as it just reinforces the notion that Steven Seagal is a washed up action star whose lack of involvement in any role ensures that his career has nowhere to go anymore. His once notable action hero persona is no longer an iconic appeal, and now he is just a man who has gotten old and is trying too hard to live in the past. Well, fans of his have to live in the present and witness what he has to offer them now. He offers them Today You Die, and the only thing that actually dies in this film is his credibility because if that wasn't already establishes by his previous outings, then it is now.So Today You Die is as poor as you would expect from the standards of direct-to-DVD low budget Steven Seagal action films which pays not credibility to the once popular star of the film and buries his lacklustre performance beneath a weak plot and action scenes which are choreographed poorly and butchered by a lack of eye for imagery.

Charlie R (ru) wrote: A brilliant script and hysterical performances from an exhuberant ensemble, this one had my laughing from beginning to end. My stomach hurt at the end of this movie. Highly Recommended!!!

Alfredo S (gb) wrote: On a second thought, after Salvation and Genisys, I do enjoy this movie

Leslie D (us) wrote: Entertaining cheese witch excellent Soundtrack and yucky f/x.

Nils H (br) wrote: This movie starts out really good with a bunch of students out for a party in the woods with all horror stereotypes there is. After the sex and drugs comes the zombies (with the cemetery zombie from Night of the Living Dead as lead zombie). With the zombies comes the gore. Although the acting, sound quality, plot and camera all sucks, the gore is remarkably good! Hell yeah, the first part of the movie is drenched in good gore. Then comes the running and random killings with the survivors... and the movie drops. So does the gore level. Except for some gory suprises, there is not much to the second part more than a total Night of the Living dead ripoff. Yeah, it's a tribute to the movie... but we all knows what's going to happen and when, so couldn't they have come up with just a few more own ideas more than a completely pointless, low-on-gore side story? It had it's chance, but it dropped it. Still, fairly good low budget flick.

Greg W (jp) wrote: one of 6 movies virginia mayo made in 1949 good noir crime drama.

Arash B (es) wrote: Feels a bit rushed & ridiculous at times but overall enjoyable & the detective's character is great

jay n (au) wrote: Terrifically gritty noir. Susan, still a B actress at the time took a big step forward with this little gem, one of the great overlooked noirs. She's tough and no nonsense but caring. She also looks phenomenal considering she had given birth to twin boys just before making this. Bill Williams is just right as the naive gob and Paul Lukas adds great support as a cabbie who lends a helping hand. The film is also full of wonderful touches, Susan's snappy no-nonsense talk, the incidental characters the leads come across and the sets and set-ups of the shots with intriguing little details just randomly placed in the background. Well worth seeking out.

Jim F (ca) wrote: If I were to describe this film in one word it would be "unmemorable" it wasn't bad which is why it gets 3 stars. it is based on the graphic novel of the same name which hits though Bruce Wayne's first year as Batman troubles and trials as he figures out how to fight for justice and stay away from the corrupt police department. Eventually Gordon takes over the police and Batman is not considered a threat to the state. it's unmemorable because I borrowed it like 6 months ago, never reviewed it, then rented it again last weekend not realizing I had seen it before. took me until Gordon's second scene before I realized it wasn't just similar to another dc comics straight to DVD film, but the exact same one I had seen earlier.

Aditya C (au) wrote: An intelligent political farce on the international politics of a post-9/11 world, "In the Loop" is filled with insanely great dialogue and fantastic performances, particularly Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, the film's high-blood pressured, anti-hero protagonist.