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Kyungwan C (it) wrote: Best music documentary since 'Searching For Sugarman'. It's a story of homeless congolese Ricky and his friends who overcome their roots and surroundings to become world music phenomenon. Not only they live in politically conflicted nation, they are also disabled and wheeled chaired. But that didn't stop Ricky and his bandmates to keep making amazing music, and french reporters who discovered them spent five years to finally release their album worldwide. The band's name 'Banda Bilili' means 'look beyond appearances' in the tribe's language, and what an appropriate name for a band who defies all the odds despite what people thought of them and their future. Enjoy the movie and most of it all, their music is twice as nice!

Glenn C (es) wrote: Here's a great little film. It tells the story of a girl who travels home to Australia from Nevada and hitchhikes her way to Mildura. Along the way she meets a fruit farmer and he drives her the rest of the way. They develop a friendship and she ends up staying on his farm and picking oranges with a ragtag bunch of people. Its a subtle movie and its got a really nice feel to it. I found myself totally engaged and invested in the story. The cast is massive with Rachel Taylor and Alex Demitriatis leading... other players include Nathan Phillips, Angus Sampson, Jackie Weaver and Susie Porter amongst others. All are very good. You could call it a romantic film, but its much more about two individuals rediscovering themselves. When it finished I forgot to eject the disc and the movie eventually started playing again... as I watched the first few minutes again I picked up on quite a few nice touches which pay off later. I'll definitely watch this again because it appears to be one that benefits from multiple viewings. Highly recommended.

John Y (ca) wrote: This movie illustrates perfectly why I don't like French cinema. The ending is horrible, and yet, it's a "happy ending".

N M (nl) wrote: Expose on the Camorra crime organization is presented in 6 unconnected stories. Despite the movie's length, you just get a glimpse into the characters situations and the movie jumps quickly between each of the story lines and only stays with the individual story lines for short bursts. Between the subtitles and the 6 stories, blink and you miss a chunk of the plot. It requires a lot of concentration to stay focused. Watch this to be educated, but not entertained, the grittiness and lack of hope is almost overwhelming. This is the underbelly of Italy at it's worse.

Joseph W (es) wrote: Best fly on the wall I've ever seen. Captivating.

Ruan J (au) wrote: A whole lot of nothing.

Henrysmovieguide C (nl) wrote: This was an OK movie. A good premise. Funny at times, but overall the humor is kind of bland. But the acting is good.

Jason P (it) wrote: An understated classic, shot beautifully in B&W by Stephen H. Burum (The Untouchables, The Outsiders, Carlitos Way). In the film industry, timing is everything. The early 1980s were the beginning of "Blockbuster movie-making." Lucas and ILM ruled the silver screen with vibrant color and special effects, certainly not to their discredit . Coppola was a close friend and colleague.Not the best time to release a B&W gem of an experiment like Rumble Fish. This is not a product of the Hollywood machine - " this is a deeply personal project. Based on the S.E. Hinton Novel, Coppola produced the film shortly after directing THE OUTSIDERS, which really took first place in our collective minds. I would certainly say both films are a bit like fraternal twins (RUMBLE FISH being the true "outsider"). With a stellar cast to offer, some in their infancy: Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Hopper and Dianne Lane, with Lawrence Fishburne, Nicholas Cage, Chris Penn and Tom Waits in the wings.Here we see Coppola unhindered: taking the raw, youthful anger of Matt Dillon (only 19 at the time), in stark contrast to Mickey Rourke, playing his aloof, half-deaf color-blind brother, whose relationship we see reflected in the black and white color-pallet. The ever-moving clouds and smoke balanced with the iconography of the clock, appearing in almost every scene, reflects time as both ever-moving yet ever present, and Stewart Copeland's almost hypnotic score supplements the themes effortlessly.We see how the experience of growing up alters ones perception of time: Rusty James is so reckless: so eager to become his brother and fighting to gain his experience. He is surrounded by it, but innocent to the impact of it. It's a story of characters sick with loss: the loss of their mother, the loss of stability, the motorcycle boy's loss of sight, sound and mental faculty are iconographic in the very bones of the film. Rusty James, for all his rage and pursuit of violence, is, at heart, the only innocent in this family, and is recognized as the only one who can escape it. Innocence (or ignorance) is truly bliss, best expressed in his drunken father's response to Rusty's yearning to be like his older brother. Dad (brilliantly played by Dennis Hopper) answers with a look of disdain with his darkly prophetic response: "You should pray to God not?", striking him, "You poor baby. You poor child."- Jason Emery (creative director at Manik Multimedia)

Patrick B (de) wrote: A bit of a "stillborn beauty", but what a beauty!

Greg W (kr) wrote: well crafted and successful drama marks ida lupino's directorial debut

David B (nl) wrote: fun enough film about John Wayne trying to lead a group of farmers to Oregon as well as romance a woman who fled from nazi germany

Jordan F (es) wrote: You can't go wrong with dancing laundry.

Abdulmalik A (br) wrote: pimp Woody Allen is definitely worth watching

Ed Fucking H (ca) wrote: This one aint shit, but a good time. Boobies and Bloodshed worship!!! ALL HAIL THE CHAINSAW GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ty M (au) wrote: It was funny and enjoyable, but the plot wasn't good.

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: What can one say about Raiders that hasn't been said? This is, in myopinion, one of the five best action movies ever made (the others? Die Hard, Terminator 2, The Matrix, and the entire Lord of the Ringstrilogy). This movie has it all: a smart story (Hitler actually waslooking for the Ark in the 1930's), rich characters, memorablevillains, scares, amazing sets, iconic music, solid comedy, a likable and unsentimental romance, fascinating mythology, and some of the greatest stunt/action sequences ever filmed (the opening and the truck chase stand out in particular).Raiders also benefits from the best leading lady in the series. AsMarion Ravenwood, Karen Allen displays a tomboyish charm, spunk, and an unwillingness to simply be a damsel-in-distress. Case in point: when locked in the cockpit of a grounded bomber, she calls for Indiana's help for a few seconds, then decides to kill some time and some Nazis by manning the machine gun! The scene where she kisses Indy's wounds, which in another movie would be sexualized, is here very tender. Marion is resourceful, smart, and tough, making her the only love interest in the series who is Indy's perfect match.As Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford completely inhabits the character,creating a man who is both an academic and an adventurer. He's a bit of a scoundrel but also cares about people. Most importantly, he was an action hero who was self-deprecating and imperfect. Up until that point the James Bonds, the John Waynes, and the Clint Eastwoods were all extremely macho "men's men," more prone to giving beatings than taking them. Even though Indiana Jones is tough and intelligent, he's constantly being outsmarted and out-punched. You know he'll win in the end, but usually he'll have to dig deep and use all of his ingenuity, physicality, and luck to to pull it out at the last second. Though John McClane and other heroes have followed the same template, Dr. Jones is the original and the best. * * * * * (out of five)