W.C. Fields: 6 Short Films

W.C. Fields: 6 Short Films

A Criterion compilation of "six gems that feature the comic genius at his peak: The Golf Specialist, Pool Sharks (silent), The Pharmacist, The Fatal Glass of Beer, The Barber Shop, and, of course, the notorious The Dentist." Pool Sharks is his first film ever, released in 1915; the rest are all five of Fields’ talking shorts, released from 1930 to 1933.

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Damien K (nl) wrote: A graceful, well crafted love story, beautiful and bittersweet. Despite the slow pacing the gorgeous visuals and memorable performances kept me from ever being bored. Can be considered a younger, slightly inferior sibling to the great movies Before Sunrise and Lost in Translation.

Greg R (jp) wrote: One of the best surfing Documentaries I have ever seen. Cameo by Chris Carter in this one.

Marischa B (jp) wrote: Banderas and Liu saved this film from deserving the rating it got here on IMDb. The film is certainly pointless, loaded with ridiculous plot twists and absurd action sequences, but how many action films don't fit this description? Seriously, if you want to see what two entertaining actors and a lot of wasted film can do together, this film is worth a look. it's plot heavy, bit soul-less and clichd, but entertaining nonetheless.I turned it on at 3AM one sleepless night because I wanted to see what the heck Liu and Banderas were doing in a direct to video film. Expecting a thoroughly dreadful film, I was pleasantly surprised, and found the film to be entertaining. The film views like a series of strung together early-80s MTV videos with a contemporary hard rock sound track, plenty of loud noises and explosions, and, thankfully, few words.To the extent that I remember it, the plot was about Banderas trying to rescue his wife and son from the clutches of some very evil super-secret spy types (who are nevertheless apparently exceedingly inept). A lot of stuff got blown up - in fact most of the sets were heavily rigged with explosives which seemed to go off at random intervals. Of course there were a lot of gunshots, fists, and kicks. I don't recall any swords or phasers though. If I say anything about Lucy Liu at all, I will give away the rest of the plot (which ought to tell you something about the quality of the script and the complexity of the plot) Lighten up! It's bad, but it's just a B movie. And this is what B movies are supposed to be about. By the way, a better choice for an utterly stupid action/violence flick is the masterpiece of violence surrealism "Mean Guns"

Christina H (it) wrote: Watched: 14 Dec 2014

Kurt Y (nl) wrote: This movie gets one star for being awful, and the second for being completely unintentionally hilarious; just like any good Cynthia Rothrock picture should be.The story is pretty weak and rediculous, and only furthered by the overacting of the lead villain Stingray and his horrible hair. It's 90 minutes of mediocre 80s style kung fu nonsense that tries to tie itself around a series crime drama plot that just doesn't mesh well at all. If you enjoy mindless entertainment, keep an eye out(lol puns) for Undefeatable.

Wes S (es) wrote: Ridiculous story with a decent amount of dinosaurs and many boring parts. The animation isn't too bad though and it has some nice parts but not the best story.

Tim H (ru) wrote: The coolest score you will ever hear for feudal Japan.

Frances H (au) wrote: Love these old Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller and these early ones are the best. We used to watch them on Tarzan Theater on TV back in Pittsburgh in the late 50s and early 60s. They are corny and formulaic, but lots of fun. And Weissmuller really did swim that fast--they did not speed up the filming--he was and eight time gold metal Olympic swimmer.

Evan O (fr) wrote: Quite intriguing con artist film. Christian Bale is fantastic in the protagonist's role as are Amy Adams as his sidekick and Bradley Cooper as antagonist, not to mention Jeremy Renner as a somewhat corrupt politician.

Bill B (gb) wrote: Something that I've now convinced myself I'd seen at least part of back in the VHS days,as it never felt completely familiar but was definitely not a new experience. Well worth a look for fans of the slow burn and some sharp, immediate violence. Happy to have it off the To-Watch Pile.Worth a rental.