W. - Witse de film

W. - Witse de film

Witse returns to his hometown to find his niece's murderer. It doesn't take long before Witse gets in trouble with local police authorities. While conducting his investigation, old family issues are starting to surface.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,  

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W. - Witse de film torrent reviews

Mark G (jp) wrote: Excellent!!! The documentary contains lots of convincing information and experts.

Carisa B (de) wrote: Very boring script. Good concept but it failed in it's execution.

Jil O (ag) wrote: Great doc about Harper Lee, her book and the film.

jordan g (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, it really got me thinking and wanting to see what was going to happen next. I think there will be people who have a negative view on a movie like this, possibly because they have not been a victim or the family of a victim of crime. Seriously, wait until it is your son or daughter and then see how you feel about the outcome. Obviously, when thinking about the situations that you are approached with day to day you need to be rational and logical in your decisions. But if you have been through a situation similar to this it can really touch a nerve. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it really left me thinking. Unlike your typical hollywood movie where the main character is usually so over glorified, John Doe is just like each and every one of us, a normal person, not a super buff martial arts expert or MMA champion or boxer. He's just your average joe with a score to settle. A score that isn't necessarily the criminals but more so the justice system. Well and truly worth the watch and if you are morally against this sort of movie, think about your family, your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters,,,,how would you feel if they were raped, beaten and murdered...What would you WANT to do? (not what would you do)

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: Bad movies that are self conscious about being bad are almost never entertaining. Half way through the film I started reading a book. And I guess the whole thing about turning "mentally challenged" people into zombies is supposed to be offensive. What the hell was Jello Biafra doing in this movie?It still gets 2.5 stars because, believe it or not, I've seen worse movies. Probably not worth a rental unless you're like me and have an OCD that requires you to watch every zombie movie ever made. Also, this is sort of a sequel to a movie called "Monsturd", so maybe I would have liked it better if I had seen that first.

ld p (jp) wrote: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (2006) Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. I dont know how I ended up with this in my queue. I have this thing with n flix I put things in my queque when the film has long or short wait I movie it TO THE TOP OF MY QUE. MY LOGIC is that if a lot are wanting to see the film in question it might be worth it. I have mixed feelings about this film. My most serious questions are what kind of a culture lets a 12 year old with homosexual leanings live in this manner. The plot is fairly simple--A 12 year old with gay leanings is the cook cleaner house organizer for his widowed father who has a life in crime. the 2 brothers are involved in criminal lifestyles also. teh boy becomes infatuated with a 25 or 30 year old handsome cop. the cop might cause problems with the families methods of earning a living. For me the film makes the character of Maximo into a gay caricature rather than a genuine character. The entire story while gritty and real was rather a depressing affair for me. DID THIS STORY NEED TO BE TOLD?? I am a die hard liberal and have lots of gay friends and for me the answer is no. The film was the official entry of the Philippines to the 2007 Academy Awards. It holds the distinction of being one of the very few digital films released in 2005. His first narrative feature, The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, won the Golden Zenith Award at the Montreal World Film Festival and the Kinderfest International Jury's Grand Prize at the Berlinale in Germany. The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros was the opening film of the 2006 New Directors/New Films series presented by The Museum of Modern Art and The Film Society of Lincoln Center. Solito filmed The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros in Sampaloc, the neighborhood where he grew up in Manila, Phillipines this is an ok film but not too hot or recommended. two or three stars.

Mathyou C (fr) wrote: one of the greatest films ever made

William R (ca) wrote: Devastating movie about two polar opposites that befriend each other out of a shared desperation. While Marie is a gloomy pessimist who refuses to accept her situation, Isa is an optimist that makes the best of her circumstances and sees the good in all people, even through to the heartbreaking ending.

Jarret C (it) wrote: This movie is a complete travesty. Now, after watching it twice in my life, I've wasted about four hours of my life that are non-refundable. Michael Bay should simply not be allowed to do anything besides jockey grocery bags at Save-a-lot. It's sorta like someone gave Michael Bay all the ingredients for a great cheesecake, and said "Here's everything you need Michael, just put it together and cook it and it will turn out great." But instead, he looked at all the ingredients for a few minutes, made a giant raspberry noise, spit in his palm and smashed the ingredients off the table. Then he walked over to the fridge and took out a block of cheese and a loaf of bread, put the two items on the floor, dropped trou and deuced on em, stomped the cheese with his clod-hoppers, and then put on a dress and squatted on the broadside of a tennis racket. Then he took the poopy racket, the mushed cheese and the trampled bread and handed it to the public and said "I MADE A CHEESECAKE FOR YOUUU" How do you screw up a great concept, great cast, and infinite budget??? OH i know how, you add 240 excessive explosions, a really annoying Aerosmith song, and put Michael Bay in the directors chair. Thank God he didn't make me deal with Shia Labouf again. Thank god he didn't cast Steven Tyler for a speaking role. And thank the merciful god above that they won't let him touch any thing else besides the already rotten egg series that is Transformers. In closing, I hope Michael Bay gets smashed in the face by a damn asteroid.

Dianne F (us) wrote: Little known Russell Crowe movie heavy on magic realism.

Dann M (de) wrote: Johnny 5 is back and headed for the big city in Short Circuit 2. When former Nova robotics technician Ben Jahveri needs help getting his new electronics company off the ground, his old robot friend Johnny 5 comes to help and cannot wait to explore the city. The plot's really dumb and gets pretty ridiculous. The acting is also quite poor, as the actors really ham it up. But some of the comedy works, and the cheesiness can be a bit of fun. While it has none of the heart or cleverness of the original, Short Circuit 2 is an amusing mess of a film that has some laughs.

Pamela D (us) wrote: Formulaic but some memorable scenes.