Waco: A New Revelation

Waco: A New Revelation

A documentary about the conflict in 1993 between the Branch Davidians, a religious apocalyptic group, and the FBI based on further research by the roll behind Waco: The Rules of Engagement. Interviews with new people are conducted and more evidence is presented.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
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a 1999 documentary directed by Jason Van Vleet about the conflict in 1993 between the Branch Davidians, a religious apocalyptic group, and the FBI. It is based on further research by the roll behind Waco: The Rules of Engagement. In this documentary, interviews with new people are conducted and more evidence is presented, one of which is a hole in the roof of "the bunker", allegedly made with an explosive charge. Another analysis is made of images allegedly showing an FBI helicopter killing a Branch Davidian in the Mt. Carmel courtyard. A retired army officer and a CIA agent both reveal how they have spoken to several Combat Applications Group (nicknamed "Delta Force") soldiers, who all confirm that they were present on April 19 and that they were "involved in a firefight with the Branch Davidians". [edit] . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William S (jp) wrote: Personally, I thought the film was great and interesting. The American in the film was annoying and the ending was like 'wtf, c'mon', but the film is different and I liked Rie's direction, especially when it came to sex and violence. This film has teeth that bite.

Merinda B (ru) wrote: Can't rate this one. My advise: Don't be curious about this movie, don't watch this movie. Too disturbing for me... too graphic.. tragic story based on true events. Sick.

DArcy S (mx) wrote: A potent story with mesmerizing visuals.

Marla S (gb) wrote: a me non dispiaciuto.

Marcus B (jp) wrote: What better way to celebrate Christmas than by watching a movie that mainly consists of massive firefights with automatic weapons. :-) I'm saying it in nicest possible way, because action scenes are really quite nice, in fact they were the best I've seen this side of final shootout in "The Kingdom". Unfortunately the rest of this movie isn't near as well done. If I am to be honest, parts without weapons being fired at full auto are a little embarrassing to watch, both in regard of script and acting.

Wahida K (es) wrote: I liked the Idea A patient in a mental institution is trying to escape. There's just one problem-he's already dead I enjoyed this Movie alot.IntheBasket

Alex S (mx) wrote: The good performances, particularly Geoffrey Rush, can't distract from the incessant inaccuracies as well as the unwillingness to truly get into Marquis De Sade's, well, sadistic extremes.

Robert P (de) wrote: Australia and Horses, who could ask for more, one more time.

Trent R (fr) wrote: Great dawn showdown with a near-blind Mitchell firing by sound, an interesting prototype for later Corbucci. The main problem for me is that we are too often told how impressive the hero is rather than shown, and Mitchell/Clay actually refers to himself in the third person at least once. To a lesser extent, the sidekicks seem misplaced. Clay's comic relief man is not amusing, and the villain Fox is poorly assisted by the ill-named and inadvertently hilarious Scratchy.

Jamie C (us) wrote: After regretting not going to watch the first one at cinema I couldn't miss the opportunity to watch this one and i'm so glad I did, The action starts straight away and never really slows down, I was suprised how many of the original cast were in it, The battle scenes were great the effects were fantastic apart from the blood effects were a little OTT and a sex scene that was like they both decided to rape each other, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Not as good as the first but still a great action film that will be loved by all action fans.

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