Wahed men el nas

Wahed men el nas

Mahmoud (Karim Abdel Aziz), is a poor but a hard working parking attendant who lives a happy and calm life with his father and wife Mona (Menna Shalaby) who is pregnant in their first baby ...

Mahmoud (Karim Abdel Aziz), is a poor but a hard working parking attendant who lives a happy and calm life with his father and wife Mona (Menna Shalaby) who is pregnant in their first baby ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (kr) wrote: just ok not really funny or that good either.

Kamran H (ca) wrote: Magnificent performance by Manoj Bajpai (expected) and Nawazuddin Siddiqui (not expected).

Alex M (it) wrote: A powerful documentary!!! I wasn't too fond of the idea of hydrofracking before I saw this movie, and after watching it with my Go Green Club in college, it confirmed my hatred of the practice. When I own my own property, no way will I ever allow hydrofracking to happen on it. 10/10.

Paulina A (es) wrote: Best movie ive ever seen... Cried like a baby!!

Movie K (jp) wrote: Average action thriller. Henry Cavill who is not on good terms with father Bruce Willis agree to meet the family on the yacht for reunion. Henry is in bad mood cos his own company is bankrupt. He was not paying attention to the steer and using his phone. Bruce shout out and he quickly save his brother's girlfriend and she hurt her head. Bruce throw his phone out to sea. Henry swim ashore to buy things but can't find them when he returns. He go to the local police and sensing weird, he escape. Bruce came out to save him and told him he is in a CIA special team all along and can't tell anyone. Bruce make calls and meet Sigourney Weaver. After she left, Bruce is kill by sniper Joseph Mawle. He chase Henry and kill a cop. Henry go to embassy for help but they can't do so. Sigourney want to help him and Henry escape. He call a frequent number in Bruce phone and arrive at the address. Vernica Echegui and Henry fight the killer and she thought Henry want to kill her uncle. Later she told him Bruce is her father. Joseph hunt them down and he is hurt. She bring him to a bar for help. Roschdy Zem call Henry to hand over the briefcase or else his family will die. Henry turn up and saw his family safe. Roschdy tell Henry they planted a undercover agent to fish out the rogue agent and it is Bruce. They gonna sell the briefcase to terrorist. So now they stick to him close by in order to fish out Sigourney. Joseph is been tortured in the pub and they purposely let him go in order to find the meeting place. Roschdy and his troops arrive but all easily taken out by Sigourney and Joseph. Veronica kill Joseph when she ram her car into his car. Sigourney take the money and escape. Henry and Veronica chase her and she is tired and reverse the situation. The car crash and Sigourney is gonna kill Henry when Roschdy kill her. The family are saved and they acknowledge Veronica as step sister.

Paula R (br) wrote: London River is a keeper. We follow two parents trying to find their children, who are missing after the July 7, 2005 bombing in London. One parent is a British woman and the other is a tall, black African man. Each is unassuming; each comes from very different backgrounds. What I found striking was how differently each is treated by officials.This is truly a drama, but a beautifully directed and acted drama. I will not forget this one.

JuanKa P (kr) wrote: (Reviewed by Juanka Pea) Audrey Tatou returns as Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, a famous fashion designer known as Coco Chanel, it is based on Chanel's biography L'Irr (C)gulire (The Nonconformist). The movie is about a young Coco Chanel, who worked as waitress and dancer in a resto-bar. She will have a strong relationship with an older man Etienne Balsan (Benoit Poelvoorde), who takes her as a mistress in her mansion. However, Balsan knows Coco belongs to a different social class and he doesn't give her a place beside her. A very persistente Coco will try to fit in Etienne's social circle. But she will obtain real success, when she starts to design and make dresses, suits and hats for herself. Coco's innovative stule will give her a place in the world as one of the most legendaries designers. Coco will find love in the arms of a handsome British gentleman, Boy Capel (Alessandro NIvola). Coco will show always a strong personality and an unbreakable will to achieve her goals

Khepri N (nl) wrote: The way it looked and was shot was great the historical inaccuracies like the Spaniards time travelled 600 into the past was way off. They were still a colony of the Muslims. And some of the little add ons like the Mayans were crazy maniacs. Also ripping out the heart was an Aztec thing. It's an okay movie but you know Mel Gibson was a part of it so??!!!

Nick M (gb) wrote: jon bon jovi can act and sing! :O lol

David M (ca) wrote: Yet another surprise on Netflix! The movie did start a bit slow...but I really did like where the movie went! The ups and downs of life, how it's all about perspective, and what really matters. I really enjoyed the soundtrack, it went perfectly with the movie. I had never heard of the Damnwells, but I really dig their music, another treat from this movie. Check it out, enjoy!

Joy L (nl) wrote: Beautiful movie. So much said with the basics.