Waiting for Hockney

Waiting for Hockney

A young working class Baltimore man spends 10 years on a single portrait, believing it is his means to fame and fortune. But he also believes that only one man can lead him there---the famous artist David Hockney. What happens when you finally meet the god of your own making?

A young working class Baltimore man spends 10 years on a single portrait, believing it is his means to fame and fortune. But he also believes that only one man can lead him there---the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ali T (ca) wrote: OK stand up seen better

Carla H (de) wrote: Green men being Americans, "potentially offensive".

John M (ag) wrote: "Long Khong(Art of the Devil 2)" is a creepy, gruesome and gore tale of witchcraft and insanity. The story is really scary with good twist, and has some nasty and cruel scenes. The screenplay is very well tight, with good lines. The direction is very precise, the special effects goes from good to decent, and the cast delivered performances.In my opinion the BEST of the trilogy!

Royal M (gb) wrote: This actually wasn't bad.

Jack H (ca) wrote: If Wrath of Khan didn't exist, this would be the best of the franchise. On its own, its a brilliant intellectual sci-fi film that makes connections to Moby Dick.

Tim S (br) wrote: Outside of Car Wash, this was my first foray into blacksploitation, much to my shame. So with that, I revel in just how fantastically awesome Coffy is. This movie won't be for everyone, but for outrageous cinema or grindhouse fans, it's a feast for the senses. Pam Grier stars as the sexy bad-ass mutha Coffy, out for revenge against the scum of society. The acting here is about what you'd expect from these sorts of movies: mostly campy and WAY out there, but fun and enjoyable. Don't expect any Oscar-worthy performances. Just enjoy the ride. On a sidenote, keep an eye out for Allan Arbus, who fans may recognize as the infamous Sidney Freeman from M*A*S*H. He popped up in the main cast and I was thinking "Sidney, my man!" :D The score is the typical 70's blacksploitational fare; lots of wah wah guitar and smooth black voices. I love it and can't get it enough of it, particularly the pimp's theme which repeats 'George' over and over again. Hilarious and groovy. I can't really find any faults with this flick because it's not meant to be anymore than what it is, and that's ok because I enjoy the hell out of it. Pam Grier kicking the underworld's ass, all the while being sexy AND bad, but most people won't get it. It's blacksploitation, action, sexiness (there are tits popped out in a LOT of scenes), cheesy dialogue, explosions, guns and car chases. You'd be hard-pressed not to have a good time with this one.

Luke M (es) wrote: You actually feel the heat and sweat among the inmates in Cool Hand Luke, whilst George Kennedy, Paul Newman and company give great performances and memorable lines. However, Cool Hand Luke lacks some of the heart and soul of other great prison dramas, and unintentionally begins to drag on like the prison sentence it depicts.

Adrian B (nl) wrote: It is not my favourite western, but it is one of the most significant ones. The film deals with the topics of rape, torchure, and hostage situations. Gary Cooper is not only a hero but a victim of a cruel past and plays the part as usual, very well. There is a lot of depth to it, but it seems to lack something that can not put my finger to it. Very good score. A nice western film.

John C (fr) wrote: Early Bergman film is very potent stuff, indeed.

Gary O (ag) wrote: a great story with a weak ending

Kevin R (jp) wrote: I am so glad you came along.Roger Bond is a lady's man that flies planes and performs in a band...making it pretty easy to score chicks. However, in a trip to Rio he falls for Belinha, a socialite and bride to be. Roger is best friends with the groom, but that will change based on his new love. Roger will do his best to win Belinha while she does her best to avoid him."Every time I think of her I want to bite myself."Thornton Freeland, director of Whopee, They Call it Sin, Dark Sands, The Secret Witness, The Unexpected Father, Over the Moon, and Brass Monkey, delivers Flying Down to Rio. The storyline for this is just okay and a bit predictable. The acting is very good and the cast delivers entertaining performances. The cast includes Gene Raymond, Dolores del Rio, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Roy D'Arcy. "Is there any special way you like your coconut juice?"This was recently on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) during a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire marathon. I DVR'd this it was their first movie together. I found it above average and entertaining but far from a classic. This contains entertaining characters worth following but is only worth watching once and I wouldn't purchase the DVD."In me you see a sinner."Grade: C+

Rod H (br) wrote: This is a 2013 HBO film that has a great cast, but is one of the worst & most irritating films I have every seen. Larry David is just horrible. I am so glad it was from the library & didn't cost a cent. I did give it half a star because I did laugh twice!

Liams M (us) wrote: Love this freaking movie so much suggest u watch it before the new one. the script story line Plot everything is just amazing.

Sterlin R (au) wrote: This is the second best movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and it's one of my all-time favorite movies. The action sequences are perfect, the setting is great, the acting from the cast is awesome, and it is a very creative movie. I love and recommend it.