Waiting for the Clouds

Waiting for the Clouds

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Kavusigan S (mx) wrote: Not better than Thuppakki

Robert M (fr) wrote: Norman Reedus as The Punisher is the only thing that is redeemable. Marvel has never really been good at their animated films and movies like this set them back even further.

Hendra Y (kr) wrote: Excellent fantasy movie. Wonderful set and even with over the top CG it still manages to look great. Nice acting in a historical environment. As usual in east Asian movies, sad ending is not a taboo... :)

Jamie C (it) wrote: Way better than what I expected, Had some good actions scenes, The humour was a nice touch, Overall a good fun movie.

Julius N (de) wrote: A very disturbing movie. But in a good way. I did not expect this. And I am happy withthe out come.

modestguitarist (ag) wrote: One strange family...one big waste of time

Karsh D (jp) wrote: Great little film this. Set in the 1920's a film maker making a vampire film keeps a dark secret from the rest of the crew about the star lead. Malkovich and Defoe reign supreme in this.

Ted W (nl) wrote: Love disney movies and this two movie series but not this movie. I love the ride they have at disney world.

Alexis G (us) wrote: Another delightful performance by Mirren, as a woman recovering from a nervous breakdown.. Sedgwick too.. An otherwise bland story wouldn't have made it without these two ladies..

Amjad A (gb) wrote: Stereotypical, cliche, outdated, unrealistic, predictable, but so damn entertaining which is why it deserves 3 stars. Michelle also delivers a funny, and heartfelt performance.

Tor M (mx) wrote: Terry Gilliam is a special fella. The worlds he create are magnificent and the plots of his films are interesting. Here there's time travel, dwarfs, good versus evil and full speed for two hours. A kid, very intrested in literature, stories and fantasy likes to read way to late at his bed. He get's mixed up in a wild fantasy where he join five dwarfs on the hunt for treasure. They make portals and skip through famous places at a rapid pace. Titanic and The Sherwood Forrest are among the places they visit. The visual joy that Gilliam creates, the original angles, the scenery, the make-up is splendid. Every time. Every world is great!Rather nice effects, great music and funny moments make the rapid, almost exhausting pace, likeable even if you can fail to hang on to it at times. I dug the lead kid, the dwarfs - most of them known as "Star Wars" actors, R2-D2 included, I dug Sean Connery and the way he jumped on this film. The casting crew where looking for "someone that looks exactly like Sean Connery, or an actor of equal but cheaper stature", but he took the part himself. Quite cool.Anyhow, interesting film. Far out and very creative. Enjoyable and very entertaining, but a bit too loose and fast paced.7 out of 10 huge Lego bricks.

Danny R (au) wrote: This is the film that made the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee into a global, if sadly posthumous, international superstar; shockingly he died of cerebral edema at the age of 32; just six days before the film's release. The story takes place in Hong Kong circa 1973, where Han who is played wonderfully by the late Shih Kien who delivers a deliciously wicked performance as a renegade Shaolin Monk that is now a major crime lord in the opium trade and owns a fortress-like palace on his own private island, where he traffics in drug-addicted sex slaves and holds a tri-annual martial arts tournament. Mr. Lee is a member of the Shaolin Temple a master of the physical and spiritual disciplines of the martial arts, he is played brilliantly by the late great Bruce Lee who delivers charismatic performance. He has learned that Han's right-hand man and personal bodyguard the fearsome Oharra, played terrifically by real-life karate champion Bob Wall in a nearly wordless performance, is responsible for the death of his sister Su-Li, played with grit by real-life Hapkido expert Angelina Mao Ying. To avenge his sister and restore honor to the Shaolin Temple that Han has disgraced, Mr. Lee agrees to work with the authorities and enter the tournament undercover as their agent, in order to gain access to the island and collect evidence against Han. Among the other contestants are two Americans who cannot return to the Untied States, Roper, played superbly by veteran character actor John Saxon who is a gambler and in big debt with the mob, who are looking to kill him for the big money he owes them, and Williams, an Afro wearing, black power rebel who is played with some gutsy funk by the real-life middleweight karate champion, the late Jim Kelly who is a wanted man for assaulting a couple of racist cops who were out to beat him down for kicks. The tournament competition and fight scenes on Han's remote island are exciting and well-staged by Lee. The two high point in the film is Lee's magnificent fight with Han's guards in his hidden underground narcotics factory and slave prison. Lee takes on dozens of armed men by himself; and the memorable climatic hall of mirrors fight to the death with the evil Han himself. Bruce Lee's amazing lighting fast fighting skill and his incredible fight choreography are why we are watching, as a matter of fact Lee was so fast that film's cameramen were eventually forced to film in slow motion simply to catch his lighting fast moves during the fight sequences. Lee was a pure movie star with a one-of-a-kind screen presence, his charisma is carried so effortlessly, that we forget the action scenes, just watch him move, watch him cross a room, there's never been and never will be anyone quite like him, as Martial Artist and a fight choreographer he is unequaled. "Enter the Dragon" is the crown-jewel of Bruce Lee's cinematic legacy and a much beloved Martial Arts film classic. Highly Recommended.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: :( I am disappoint. Severe disappoint all around.

Lindsey G (au) wrote: The beginning was slow and kept waiting for it to pick up and get interesting and it never did. I was disappointed with the movie.

Ashlee B (br) wrote: More funny than i thought!