Waiting for the Hearse

Waiting for the Hearse

A lot of confusion and mixed situations between relatives in the middle of Mamá Cora's wake, the grandma, who supposely commit suicide throwing herself in front of a train.

Each member of this family tries to endorse someone else to care for the old Mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven S (nl) wrote: Powerful, but didn't feel like it went any where, and was long and slow.

Mark E (gb) wrote: Not bad, not good either. Pretty unbelievable plot lacking any depth.

Arthur C (kr) wrote: A very nice story about searching for what is not there in your life.

Martin G (it) wrote: Richard LeMay, as director and writer of "Naked As We Came", brings nothing to the genre except a bunch of cliches and many nature 'artistic' shots. He has added a political plot that only muddies the story leaving more than one viewer with questions.We have two adult children, Elliot (Ryan Vigilant) and Laura (Karmine Alers) visiting a mother, they haven't seen in a year and a half, who is dying of cancer and right up front admits she wasn't the best of mothers. She was more interested in her orchids than her children. She was married to a man who was a womanizer and interested in making making and he did. Lilly, (Lue McWilliams), the mother, lives in an estate in upper New York having a small and a large greenhouse, the latter filled with fresh grown vegetables and resides in house that has enough windows and skylights to keep a window washer busy all year. Unknown to the children a young man, Ted (Benjamin Weaver), has been living with their mother as a combination of groundskeeper, who kills her orchids, makes meals for them both and a caretaker, for 6 months but, contrary to what the children think, there is nothing sexual about the relationship and he has a secret.Laura, 10 years older than Elliot, and her brother own a very lucrative laundry business left to them by their father. She is very controlling and recently divorced her husband while he is an excellent cook, taking after his father, and lost in his personal life. Lilly is leaving the house and estate to Elliot and a beach house to Laura but first wants to apologize to both for not being more of a mother to them and hopes to see them take better paths than they have so far. She is full of wisdom and weed, for them and Ted. Elliot and Ted have sex the first night the former is there which upsets Laura and pleases Lilly. The only surprise in the film is where the affair leads.The sex scene is handled as artistically as the nature scenes, including many shots, too many, of white, fluffy clouds showing a lot more of the latter than the former. There are also mouth watering scenes of both guys chopping various vegetables and making meals.The acting by all is adequate though Lue McWilliams' black turban outfit has your mind wandering off to "Sunset Boulevard" and Norma Desmond. Both Vigilant and Weaver are eye candy though the former smiles to much which looks like smirks. Karmine Alers is strong as Laura and does an acappella song without embarrassing herself.There is nothing in "Naked As We Come" you haven't seen before in a movie.

Jonathan F (it) wrote: This zombie-romance-comedy fusion doesn't sound like a particularly quality movie. But it proved me wrong. What a fantastically, brilliantly done film that is sure to warm up the coldest of hearts.

c r (fr) wrote: the best part was when the filmmaker explores his own family history; but the very end was extremely lame.

Jason L (ru) wrote: Some dude tries to re-unite the Wu for a concert. 20,000 people show up. ODB is too drunk to perform. Riots ensue.

Panayiota K (es) wrote: i stopped watching after the kiss. i'm not dealing with their dysfunctional relationship. I'd rather watch a movie about Sam and Dennis.

Donovan S (es) wrote: Rapper and Kick ass lee .awesome

Private U (br) wrote: It was pretty good up to the middle-ish. For the next third of the movie it resembled a mild acid trip. However the end somewhat redeemed itself. Pretty decent film, though not as good as 'Bend it Like Beckham'.

Brendan W (ru) wrote: another one to see again!

Zarinah H (mx) wrote: I watched this touching movie today and was absolutely riveted from start to finish. Glenn Close and James Woods play a successful couple who after 11 years of marriage still find themselves unable to have a child. They tire of medical attempts and finally decide to adopt a child. Mary Stuart Masterson and Kevin Dillon play teen parents-to-be who realise they can't raise a kid and decide to give their soon to be born baby up for adoption. This is an emotionally heart-wrenching movie about the joys and pitfalls of adopting, on both the biological and adoptive parents. All the lead actors have done an amazing job in portraying the emotional fragility that each character goes through in the process. Glenn Close is so subtle yet riveting in her performance as a woman desperately yearning to have a baby and experience motherhood. It is a performance I shall not forget anytime soon. Her husband as played by James Woods is tender and credible in his role. Mary Stuart Masterson conveys all the fears and hopes of an unwed teen mother with a high degree of realism. All in all, this is a wonderfully poignant family drama that will touch your heart.

Steph O (es) wrote: Richard Dreyfuss is so damn awesome. I'd been wanting to see this movie for ages, and I wasn't disappointed. "Tin Men" may not be laugh-out-loud hilarious the entire time but it's still funny and well-written. Barry Levinson is a great director, which certainly helps. Essentially "Tin Men" is about a salesman (Dreyfuss) who swears revenge on another salesman (DeVito) after he smashes into his brand new car. This little war between them starts off small, but escalates into Dreyfuss's character getting with the wife of DeVito's character - and falling in love with her. An amusing movie, about two angry men trying to get back at each other.

Jon T (kr) wrote: This second LOONEY TUNES compilation "feature" showcases the work of Friz Freleng, but while predecesscor BUGS BUNNY ROAD RUNNER MOVIE involved Bugs introducing the cartoons, LOONEY LOONEY LOONEY BUGS BUNNY MOVIE takes a considerably different direction. After opening with a screening of Oscar-winner "Knighty Knight Bugs" (its star complaining how he only got a carrot as opposed to his director), the film divides itself into three acts, stitching several cartoons to create a "plot" of some sort. In Act I, Yosemite Sam makes as deal with the devil to save his soul (this may be somewhat scary for youngsters at times). The second section casts Bugs Bunny as an FBI agent matching wits with tough gangsters Rocky and Mugsy. For the final third, amusingly titled "The Oswald Awards", three acclaimed shorts (including the jazzy "Three Little Bops" and "Birds Anonymous") are screened in a theatre before the Looney Tunes before seguing into a competition between Bugs and ever-envious Daffy Duck for the prize of an Oswold Award. The structure of the feature is somewhat choppy and awkward at times, with the interstitials sometimes coming across as out of place with the "classic" animation (also made obvious the differences in Mel Blanc's voice between the recorded periods), but the cartoons themselves are a riot and just as entertaining today as they were back then.

Philip S (fr) wrote: My favourite actor; such a simple story of a good man's integrity..

JohnnyLee T (us) wrote: French version of My Fair Lady.Caron and Jourdan are superb. Chevalier is charming. I'm Glad I''m Not Young Anymore is a beautiful song. And there are two glorious sequences in which Gaston walks/sings through the gardens of Paris falling in love with Gigi.The first hour could have been edited after the brittleness and general horribleness of Parisian society had been established. Of course, the attitudes of the time were appalling (you couldn't joke about attempted suicide today) and distinguishing between whether someone is ordinary-common or coarse-common (as Gaston and Gigi do on their first outing) is hard to watch. I know it's a piece of confection and hopefully by the end those attitudes are repudiated, but nothing is said. I guess by Gaston softening towards Gigi they also leave behind the attitudes of the "society" in which neither had felt comfortable - Gaston was always bored and Gigi was a bit of a tomboy and rebel.

Joshua H (de) wrote: Reviews for Walt Disney Animated Studios. #7

Raven B (it) wrote: One of the beat comdies I've seen! You have to be into this kind of humor for this movie to appeal to you. Even if you can't understand what's going on with Globodyne, Jim Carrey will have you laughing and laughing.

Bo N (es) wrote: I cleared the room faster than a farting Lion. I f you like watching puppets talk in sighn language for 1 and a half hours this is the movie for you. It's like a Taco Bell Steamer and Kris Jenner had a big chubby baby named Richard Hole. I used it for the only thing posible. A drink coaster.