Wake the Witch

Wake the Witch

One hundred years ago, an angry mob, intent on justice for their murdered children, hang the woman they believe is the murderer. They brand her a witch, wrap her body in chains and bury it deep in the woods. Flash forward to the present - when Deb and her friends play a childhood game on the witch's wooded grave, they open the door to death. As her friends and family begin to change into something less than human, Deb struggles to stop the witch's curse. But her search for the truth will reveal an evil beyond her imagination.

One hundred years ago, an angry mob, intent on justice for their murdered children, hang the woman they believe is the murderer. They brand her a witch, wrap her body in chains and bury it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (br) wrote: didn't care for this one too much glorifiying violence against women.

Tristen V (fr) wrote: 5 stars one of my favorites

Thomas P (nl) wrote: I still like A Fear of a Black Hat better than this movie, but this film is still a great addition to comedy. And it's the first film that made fun of Gangsta Rap, if you don't count Fear of a Black Hat.

James F (ag) wrote: The best romantic comedy I've ever seen

Jarvouya R (mx) wrote: it's a really good charming movie. Pauline collins did a fascinating performance played shirley valentine a milddle aged woman wants to get a second chance in life wants to dream to go on travel and bring love to herself again.

Jose Miguel G (mx) wrote: A fun-blasting ride with great special effects, heavily action packed, and the always compelling presence of Kurt Russell that makes for a big entertaining B-movie.

Paul D (gb) wrote: McKellen and Hopkins put a lot of effort into their characters and this stage play looks good on film because of it.

Gabe C (br) wrote: Choppy but surprisingly memorable

Jesse B (jp) wrote: This is a hard-boiled, hard-bitten New York noir from the mad-dog writer/director and all around tough-guy movie-maverick, Sam Fuller himself. The pictures about this dame, see, and she be carrying some loot too hot to handle in this purse of hers, that is until she goes and gets it lifted off her person. The only catch is the police are looking for this particular item themselves, along with the feds and all the rest of them government types. The guy who lifts it, he don't know what he's got until its too late. Pretty soon, everyone's up to their necks in commie plots and secret microfilm formulas. The kinda stuff the movies are made of, right. Well this flick's got it all. Suspense, murder, beautiful broads and a whole gang of smooth talking rats who have only one thing on their minds and ain't none of it any good. So do yourself a favor and go check it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. It's called Pickup on South Street. Don't forget the name. Tell 'em Mo sent you.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: I was very curious to see Brokeback Mountain, but I was nervous to see it as its the first gay film that I seen that's the whole thing as I actually saw Milk before this, but I don't think I finished it, so it doesn't count. So after watching the film, Brokeback Mountain is an amazing film that got me more invested then I thought was going to be, especially when it's slow paced film. It's about two cowboys who were just looking for a job, and when they work together, they start to have feelings for each other, even though one of them is getting married. I actually had no idea where it was going for the most part, and I like the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. The main leads are terrific and the late Heath Ledger's performance is the most mature that I've seen him in, at least so far as I seen him in A Knight Tale and The Dark Knight. Michelle Williams is great in it, and while Anne Hathaway is not in it that much, she's really good in it also. The writing by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana is very well written and they really know how to write such complex characters like the main ones. It's beautifully shotted, and I did care about the characters. I'm glad that this movie was made as we don't see that much gay films recently, well, the ones that don't go in wide theaters like this film did that is.

Mary K (gb) wrote: This movie was lacking in so many ways.

Craig C (nl) wrote: One of my top 10 films of all time.