Waking Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine

When a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow townsfolk attempt to claim the money.

Waking Ned Devine opens when a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow townsfolk attempt to claim the money. What will happen, let's see the film to discover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor M (ru) wrote: What has not been said or filmed about the Khmer Rouge when they ruled over Cambodia? Most of us must remember "The Killing Fields". "The Missing Picture" makes a very particular approximation narrated in the first person, using some film footage and little clay figures to take us along this terrible part of this country's history.

Laura W (ca) wrote: Good movie, but DANG I HATE SUBTITLES!But I continued watching & reading so you know it has to be good. Really good.

Stefan v (nl) wrote: A delicate and oblique glance over the life of one of the legendary Go players of the 20th C. Instead of focusing on the arcane intricacies of the game which he saw (only really accessable to professional players anyway), the film weaves together many elements from the impact of history through intimate and spiritual yearnings. A film full of beautiful imagery, sabi and soul.

Joshua S (fr) wrote: probably one of my favorite movies.


Drago C (ag) wrote: Holding the dubious dual honour of being possibly the worst adaptation of a Philip K. Dick idea and the worst John Woo film at the same time Paycheck is kind of a mess. It didn't have to, though. The story is neatly engaging and the cast has potential, not even the director is that terrible? So what happened? Well, Paycheck came out at the height of early aughties confusion when 'audience movies' and studio decisions neatly overlapped to give us milquetoast action movies. This was before the action revolution, before the marvel cinematic universe, before even batman begins. It was the year that gave us the atrocious spider man 2, daredevil and xmen 2 as well as the two big budget, concept spoiling matrix sequels. Looking back at all this it all seems quite quaint, really and i can't help but wonder what a better director would have done with the IP. So what's wrong with the movie? So many things in such little baffling ways. Ben affleck is wholly unbelievable as an 'engineer' (compare and contrast to Carruth in primer), the other actors, including eckhart are hamming it up and the time aspects of the plot are poorly explored. Paul Giamatti gets too little screen time, Uma Thurman gets too much and the action scenes are utterly forgettable despite the fact that this is a John Woo Film. Paycheck is a bad movie, such a bad movie in fact that it seems like the director saw an apocalyptic future triggered by the movie in a reverse engineered machine and designed the movie to be shit and forgettable to save us all. Avoid.

Rodsella A (it) wrote: Nice movie, of course Adam Garcia is a plus++

Luke N (nl) wrote: It sucked and was the worst of the mostly excellent R&H musicals. I'll explain why on my other review site.

Mike K (kr) wrote: Well acted and directed. The subject is very dear to my heart

Hunter W (ag) wrote: The action, the music, the unforgettable characters: The Raiders of the Lost Ark is the finest adventure film ever created, what more needs to be said.

Matt M (us) wrote: a fair movie if i say so my self,but not a good enough movie that i went to see it.i watched this online. i was expecting a prison version of rocky which was what my friends where saying.Not even close.While its good i only give it a d or 6/10 for just unmemorable scenes and one fight in which both only get a few bruises here and there. i had no interest till i saw undisputed 2. score:6/10 or d+