Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead

A congressional candidate questions his sanity after seeing the love of his life, presumed dead, suddenly emerge.

A congressional candidate questions his sanity after seeing the love of his life, presumed dead, suddenly emerge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick V (es) wrote: Appalling. Who wrote the script, Tarzan and his apes?If you like 1970s D grade action TV then you're gonna love this. Keep an eye out for the British bad guy. And I thought all the English could act??

Scott M (nl) wrote: Hilarious and charming at the same time.

Sebastien H (us) wrote: Nice one, directed by the producer of AppleseedAddictive action sequences with nice music from Paul Oakenfold (already for Appleseed) ; face expressions still need improvement, but here the story is quite interesting so it's okDunno if technic was better in the videogame industry (but I think it might be now), anyway I am not for seeing this type of movies very often but a few sometimes is very ok for me

Gordon B (mx) wrote: Woof, this film is bad! It's so jammed full of rapes, beat-downs , mother-son incest & absurd plot twists that we never get to feel any empathy for its characters.

Brian G (gb) wrote: Decent movie, the best part is the fight in the jail cell, I play the bad ass that holds Laurence Hilton Jacobs while the other bad ass punches him, but then Jacobs breaks free and takes me out....

Jarryd R (es) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Jed D (de) wrote: "A solid, sequel!" They definately, do not make them like this, anymore.

Brian S (jp) wrote: Holy 80s awfulness... from Indonesia! Most of the fright factor in this flick is carried in the form of a massive mullet worn by a dude named Snake who looks like a cross between Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow, and it's downhill from there. An evil spirit possesses a graduate student ("I'm not a lady! I'm an anthropologist!") to take revenge on her great-grandfather who stole the magic knife from the spirit's vagina while having sex with her. This turns the student (who was probably writing a lousy dissertation, anyhow) into an unstoppable killing machine. That's pretty much it. It's 80 minutes of gunfire, things exploding, lasers shooting from eyes, scenes lifted from the legitimate Terminator movie, leg warmers, headbands, men getting shot in the male parts, cornball dialogue, bad acting, and an seemingly endless musical scene delivered by an Indonesian actress who lacks any discernible talent or charisma. Definitely in the laughably terrible category, and well-suited to a DIY MST3K session.

Velma S (es) wrote: Bad bad bad....!!!!!

Ken S (ru) wrote: Paul McCartney really wanted to be in the movies, he had always been a fan. He hadn't really gotten the chance after the Beatles works in the cinema...mostly busy being one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Unfortunately he is not as good a screenwriter has he is a songwriter. This vanity project for the former Beatle seemed to at least accomplish one thing, it got it out of his system, because he hasn't ever tried it again. The movie has the thin plot of someone carrying Paul's latest album's master tapes goes missing...and Paul drifts through his busy day before finally doing something about it, despite apparently going to lose his music empire if this one album doesn't get to the factory on time. He also daydreams a lot. In the end it seems like the whole film might've been a daydream. Whatever...the problem is that the stakes are supposedly big, but they don't seem to be...and it is rather hard to relate to the problems of the fictional Paul in this movie. Good news is we get to see Ringo!

Judy L (ru) wrote: One Of My Favorites As A Kid

Elijah T (nl) wrote: Quite possibly the most UNDERRATED film in the last nine-thousand years! It is a fantastic piece of AMAZING cinema...this is in the only movie that made me cry...

Josh B (ru) wrote: Beautiful film. Must see.

Richard D (it) wrote: Claudine is one of those social education movies that I saw in my African Studies class. It tells the story of a black single woman with six kids who cheats on her welfare. She falls in love with a garbageman (James Earl Jones) who wants to help Claudine and her family but does not have the means to do it. Basically it's a messed up family trying to make it through life. Good acting but at times it feels like they're reinforcing racial stereotypes.

Alex D (it) wrote: ha, great. toshiro mufune is the greatest samurai ever!!! and it's silly too!

Conner R (ru) wrote: Probably the most influential WW2 movie ever made, you can see ever other movie proceeding it to have similar scenes and characters. Maybe it's because this uses stock footage from the real war, was made so close to the war and has The Duke playing the lead; this is one of the best war movies ever made. No, it's not as well made as Apocalypse Now! or as realistic as Platoon, but this has it where it counts and was made a full 30+ years before either was made. John Stryker is one of the most iconic soldiers in any movie, he represents the true tortured soul and sympathetic tough guy. When a movie like this can still be powerful today, you know they did something right.

Julissa D (us) wrote: i really wanr to see it

Digger N (gb) wrote: While Stake Land could have been a generic post apocalyptic movie, it exceeds the overdone premise with excellent characters and enough action to keep ypu on the edge of your seat. This movie has character unlike the vast majority of the other films that populate the horror section on Netflix.Solid film 8/10