Walk East on Beacon!

Walk East on Beacon!

An FBI agent (George Murphy) works with a refugee scientist (Finlay Currie) and the Coast Guard to crack a Soviet spy ring in Boston.

A G-man searches for a communist sleeper-cell in Boston. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Halimali H (mx) wrote: I'm not a big fan of direct to video movies but decided to give it a shot for this one. The review has spoilers Satanic starts with a girl having a car accident with her father. The father dies in the accident and she gets hospitalized due to serious injuries. The doctors make many operations on her face to get her back to the normal state she used to have before the accident. The girl then gets constant nightmares suggesting she has done something bad in the past as now she cannot remember anything relates to her life before the accident. At the end the girl finds out that the doctors gave her a face of a different girl (Satanic one) they've mistaken for her and that the man in the car was not her father but the satanic girl's father. I didn't raise my hope when I decided to watch this movie but honestly it was terrible. Terrible is the least can be said. It had a good idea but badly acted and directed. Avoid The Ratings: -Entertainment: 40% -Performances: 20% -Direction: 30% -Cinematography/Special effects: 10% -Background Music: 20% -Duration: 60% Overall: 30% ====> 30%

Chris P (ag) wrote: Like Austin Powers, if Austin Powers were better looking and kind of racist.

Kale H (ru) wrote: A cute movie about LARPing and bullies.

Alex W (kr) wrote: I stumbled upon this movie while flipping through the channels and it pulled me in. I haven't cried while watching a movie since I watched A Rumor of Angels, but this got me tearing up. It was a Romeo/Juliet type of story that, of course ends in tragedy but it also shows the hope of the future. If you're looking to cry or want a sad love story to watch, this is the one.

Ryu K (es) wrote: A shoddy, disappointing sequel hampered by cheap visuals, subpar acting, mindless fight scenes, and a paper-thin script.

Nathan N (au) wrote: While I certainly appreciate stop-mothin animation, it can only hold me over for so long. This was awful when I was 9 years old and it can't be any better now.

Ryan W (br) wrote: Crocodile Dundee is a film that succeeds through heart & laughs despite the clichs

Matt Y (kr) wrote: Satyajit Ray at his best.

Ross M (ru) wrote: The movie is filled with uplifting and ass kicking action that promises an entertaining experience about three gorgeous women participating in a fighting competition, only to discover DOA has a dark secret.

Quique S (de) wrote: Knowing es de las mejores pelculas de Sci-fi Thriller que eh visto. La historia se maneja tan bien que cada situacin sorprende y deja sin palabras al espectador, preguntndose que sigue? Knowing es emocionante, impactante, inteligente y muy entretenida.

REES R (kr) wrote: underated classic , fuck the haters

Senor C (ru) wrote: Released as La Casa 4, Ghosthouse 2 & Evil Dead 4 this has nothing to do w/ any of the previous installments. I saw it as Witchery & it's an incoherent snoozefest anyway way you watch it. An Italian horror movie w/ Linda Blair & David Hasselhoff is sure to catch my attention & I wasn't expecting it to be great or even good but I wasn't prepared for something that made me just want to slap myself. Sure there's some grisly bits but it just doesn't make up for the bad. There's a vortex that people get sucked into that should have you roaring & there's a night/day continuity goof that's really unforgivable. I guess Ed Wood was right; it must be about the big picture & audiences should have suspension of disbelief just to accept such bullshit. I guess there is some good. Annie Ross is such a bitch in this I was happy to see her get her mouth sewn shut & the Hoff does die..does that garner a higher rating?