Walk on Water If You Can

Walk on Water If You Can


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Walk on Water If You Can torrent reviews

Robert M (us) wrote: A much better film than Degeneration. Good animation and a lot of fun.

Al M (br) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Mary--probably more than I should have--with its derivative blend of Blood Mary urban legends ("the lame version" of the legend as the film proclaims without offering any difference whatsoever) and The Evil Dead. A typical slasher set-up of friends at a cabin in the woods soon takes on supernatural elements as murdered friends come back to tauntingly demonic life. Who is alive and who is the undead posing as the living? The film also tries to develop a paranoid component like Carpenter's The Thing or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. All in all, the film is completely unoriginal crap, but it is enjoyable crap nonetheless for those who constantly crave new horror films.

Patrick S (ca) wrote: "You'd think we were tryin to replace Jesus christ or somethin."

Anna B (jp) wrote: Has some serious problems with things like clunky plot contrivance, implausibility and that god-awful sassy Mexican woman, but there are some really clever ideas strung together here so it does end up being enjoyable. The moments when people realise what Betty is doing are wonderful, two scenes in particular really standing out to me: the Rome conversation between Betty and the bar-tender is just perfect, and the scene on the set where the frankly ridiculous way the soap opera people have been tolerating Betty suddenly flips and a real confrontation develops is immensely satisfying. These contrasts of human real behaviour suddenly breaking through inhuman tolerance for plot purposes is much more interesting than innocence contrasted with violence that is the film's stated gimmick.

Benjamin R (ag) wrote: lol actually better than the original death race 2000

Julia W (nl) wrote: The story of a fallen angel getting back on track while raising the question of what worth living and what worth dying for is supported by some really nice quotes from the main character Eugene (David Duchovny), but the story line itself bores the hell out of me as the whole style of the movie makes me think of Night Rider all the time. Talking about Angelina's performance, who back in 1997 was still undiscovered maybe for a very good reason, doesn't worth the effort. For all those of you who want to see David 'Mulder' Duchovny on something different - try Evolution. At least it makes you laugh.

Lorena W (es) wrote: A jewel in every sense!!! A delicious surrealistic way of showing the reality of how all we have our methods to come to the pleasure.

John M (au) wrote: It is the Airplane of Westerns. Everyone always goes to Blazing Saddles but this one is my Favorite. Anyone who loves Westerns or just loves clich comedies will fall for this. Written & Directed By Creator High Wilson with Music by the Great Steve Dorff. Berenger Sings too!

Greg W (jp) wrote: lame Italian 'star wars' knock-off

Antonello F (es) wrote: OK, I must admit. I am biased. Still, please have a look at it and tell me what jewel the Taviani brothers shot.

Michael W (au) wrote: A series of murders linked to the Orpheus strip club casts suspicion on their highest profile dancer. Concorde favourite Gabriella Hall adds to her building reputation as a headliner. Involved murder-mystery made more intriguing by a number of on-stage performances. Not sure I comprehend the masquerade masks worn by patrons at the Orpheus.

Scott M (nl) wrote: A movie about immature kids who get taught the facts of life by their high school teacher. I love this movie so much. Its really corny and dumb but I still love it anyway. Sidney Poitier's best movie.

Dylan G (ag) wrote: A modern horror masterpiece! A+