William Walker and his mercenary corps enter Nicaragua in the middle of the 19th century in order to install a new government by a coup d'etat.

The film is based on the true story of William Walker who was the American filibuster struggled with the ups and downs when he decided to invade. Ultimately, he became the president of Nicaragua. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Walker torrent reviews

Eric P (au) wrote: wow! that is all I can say! good job Ewen acting and directing. this movie is so good I got mad as a parent and 60"s bullshit and current events. now I want to read the book.

Regine L (fr) wrote: Great movie! Simon yam deserved the best actor award in HK Movie Fest 2009 but if put it together with the movie Bodyguards & Assasins , Wang XueQi has better performance. Anyway, great movie from HK local production and bravo to all new actors!

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/7/2012)

Caroline J (ag) wrote: Back in the lives of the Khan family. East is East sequel, less funny than the latter but more moving and involving. More of a drama than a comedy. Racism and faily bonding is the main content of this movie. Sajid the youngest of the clan is having some major issues by being a young pakistani boy in England, Manchester in the seventies. He is tortured due to his race and beliefs, as a result his father thinks its time to take him to the homeland to open his eyes. Homeland being in Pakistan where his first wife lives with his other family, troubles soon follow!! This is a deeply moving movie, few laughs and plenty of development in all the main characters. Recommended if you like East is East or Monsoon wedding.

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: "La mujer de mi hermano" which means: the woman of my brother in spanish is a movie you can skip. I only watched it because I wanted to see Barbara Mori in it. Basically it is about a woman who decided to have an affair with her husband's brother..ouch. There is also a secret in the family but I'm not telling.

Karthik V (ag) wrote: Pretty alright...worth seeing just for the karan johar hype...

Jaime R (mx) wrote: A jazzy film that can appeal to viewers of all different sorts, with a fantastic leading performance from Dexter Gordon.

Phillip W (au) wrote: Wonderful movie. I loved it.

Christina L (ag) wrote: This movie was wonderfully cheesy. I liked it. Though i do it it was about thirty minutes to long.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: Lindsey Lohan is just awful in this film.

Simon T (it) wrote: Forensic evisceration of the empty lives of several lost souls grubbing around in Hollywood. Cronenberg only reveals the layers slowly and avoids satirising these screwed up narcissists. He's aided by some wonderful and subtle performances, a strange and unsettling screenplay by Bruce Wagner, and a subtle and ominous score from Howard Shore. If Short Cuts had been given to Cronenberg it'd have been like this.

Giuliano B (it) wrote: A unique take on all the horror-cliches, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard offer one helluva ride from start to finish.

Alfin N (es) wrote: Being a maid turns out to be quite OK, especially when you ends up in your mistress's bed. Especially when it's just an erotic fantasy.

Ben G (de) wrote: absolutely awful. don't do it to yourself.