Walker Payne

Walker Payne

A period drama where a small-town father (Patric) is forced to make difficult, heartbreaking decisions in order to save his two daughters.

A period drama where a small-town father (Patric) is forced to make difficult, heartbreaking decisions in order to save his two daughters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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alex f (gb) wrote: was alright, just got bored of how much of dick alan mcgee was... if your a band type and into 90's britpop you'll love it.

Igor R (mx) wrote: I wish I hadn't watched this movie, is the worst for me in years. It's an insult to the first movie. I cannot say it's bad, I'll simply say that this movie shouldn't exist.

Jim D (kr) wrote: This could've been so good. Allthe elements were there. Really good acting all around. I think the critics panned it because where the elements should coalese ....they don't..almost isn't enough. I did like the moral of the story. I think the critics were too harsh..they have to make these to get to the next The Others..so close, dang

Isaac H (it) wrote: Its terrible. Just terribly boring.

Matt R (ru) wrote: wow. Stallone did this while he was writing Rocky IV? Wherever did he find the time?

Robert S (ru) wrote: Believe it or not this is a very scary movie. One of the best Bigfoot movies of all time.

Ilsa L (kr) wrote: Not really a film noir but this is a great forensic investigation drama featuring a nicely understated performance by Ricardo Montalban as the detective in charge of the case and a delightful Elsa Lanchester as the neurotic boarding house owner.

Leon B (fr) wrote: Review:This film wasn't that great because of the weird choice of actors and the storyline was basic and quite boring. It's about 2 brothers, James (Hayden Christensen) & Frankie (Adrien Brody) who are separated after Frankie is sent to prison for shooting a cop. After serving his 10 year sentence, Frankie goes straight back into criminal life by planning to rob a bank with his new found friends, who helped him to fight against the prison bullies. James has turned his back on criminal life and he works hard in his own garage whilst starting a new relationship with his former girlfriend. He then gets drawn into the bank robbery by his brother who feels obligated to the people who helped him in jail. Although James is totally against the job, he goes ahead with the heist but the whole plan goes totally wrong and the brothers end up fighting for there life's. Personally, I got fed up with Hayden's whining through the whole film. He has a grudge with his brother from the beginning to the end and it just put a downer on the movie. On top of that, I really don't think that he's a good actor because he acts the same in all of his movies and he has a tendency to always be in a bad mood. In this movie, his style of acting just didn't work with the basic storyline. He did show some emotion alongside Brody but there just wasn't enough material to work with. Brody seemed a bit out of place throughout the movie because he wasn't the right candidate to play a hood rat. The ghetto swagger and street slang, really didn't suit him and his acting seemed a bit overboard at times. The love story was extremely corny, especially when she was standing in the rain for no apparent reason but the shootout at the end was half decent. Don't get me wrong, it's not in the same league as the shootout in Heat but it was watchable, even though it was quite predictable. Anyway, I didn't really enjoy this movie that much but I have seen worse. Average!Round-Up:Since starring as Darth Vader, which was the role of a lifetime, Hayden Christensen, 34, hasn't really made a big impression in Hollywood. He's starred in some half decent movies like Jumper, Awake and Takers but his career hasn't blown up since he played the iconic role in Star Wars. He doesn't seem to have anything promising in the pipeline so it might just be a case of him peeking to early in his career. Adrien Brody usually puts in some good performances, but he really didn't suit this role. He was great in the Pianist, Detachment, Wrecked and the Grand Budapest Hotel but he has made some bad choices like Predators, InAPPropriate Comedy and Giallo. I doubt that this movie will hurt his reputation because it went straight to DVD and with an Oscar under his belt, I'm sure that he has some epic movies to coming out further down the line. This is the first English movie from director Sarik Andreasyan from Armenia, so it's hard to compare his earlier work. As I didn't hear anything about the film before I watched it, I wasn't overally disappointed but I was expecting more because of the title and the fact that Brody was in it.Budget: $10millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into their action/crime/dramas about 2 brothers who are forced to rob a bank, with two other thugs but the plan goes terribly wrong. 3/10

Prateek S (es) wrote: How can you trade wives???? It's barbaric... Still, I watched it to the end to find what the writer had actually planned.

Charlie G (jp) wrote: My favorite color is ruined with this film and its sequel.

Tim J (au) wrote: Amazing. Seems far ahead of its time. Rod Steiger plays his role with utter conviction. Yet another fantastic film from Sydney Lumet.

Aj V (de) wrote: A great animated film from Bakshi. It combines cartoon and live action actually. Plus, the story is really good, in that 70s realistic gritty style. I really liked it.

Marguerite L (ca) wrote: I think many can relate with today's society where, can i say, most relationships aren't as solid as they where in the past. The struggles of what Alex is going through, are like bits of here and there of what people can go through without having all these problem at the same time. This movie is a slow pace one, where emotions and thoughts are messing around.