Walking Too Fast

Walking Too Fast


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:secret police,   1980s,  

The psyche of a ruthless secret agent in Cold War Czechoslovakia begins to unravel when he obsesses over the girlfriend of a suspected subversive he is tracking. This taut political thriller is a bleak and potent rendering of the emotional destruction wreaked by totalitarianism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Walking Too Fast torrent reviews

Derrick M (it) wrote: Fantastic storyz beautifully made and performed. Lovely!

Peter J (it) wrote: If you are willing to overlook the utterly silly action stunts (Flying cars! Mid-air fist-fights!), the clichd characters, the simplistic story and the gratuitous vigilante violence (Police brutality in the name of justice? C'mon!), you'll enjoy this funny, brilliantly shot piece of masala retro kitsch. An over-the-top version of the old honest-superman-cop-vs.-mega-villain story with fine song & dance sequences.

Stefano C (au) wrote: Tosto, ma molto lucido, difficile non apprezzarlo

Modassar R (br) wrote: Race 1 was better but songs much better in race 2

David L (fr) wrote: Not a good movie. But I like it a lot. To me it's funny. It's easily watchable. I could watch it over and over. Zerk and Shirts are hilarious. Especially when zerk tells Shirts he didn't mean to hurt him after he purposefully causes shirts to fall out of the car and then relates what he did to him as being similar to when "a baby's got to be spanked when he wants his bottle and can't have it."

Tamas S (jp) wrote: urban-horror, almost perfect+


Colleen O (kr) wrote: Very good movie! a lot of details from the book are missing but it did get the main story accross,

David H (ag) wrote: I love Frances O'Connor, and she was great in this role. I was impressed with Baker and Smith as well. A good movie, all around.

Gordon L (mx) wrote: How can you not like Willow?

Cassie H (fr) wrote: A great film but I was sad at the end when Tommy Lee Jones (John Neville) was the killer. Worth a watch & a classic 70s film :)

Tony B (it) wrote: Not a whole lot in terms of story with a mishmash of some well done scenes and strong performances by much of the cast but an unsatisfying film in the end.

Brandon S (es) wrote: Despite the poor reception, this is a solid continuation of MEN IN BLACK with all of the deadpan humor, sci-fi excitement, action-packed set pieces and fantastic chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones that made the original great.