Wallace & Gromit: The Best of Aardman Animation

Wallace & Gromit: The Best of Aardman Animation

A collection of some of the most popular work featuring Wallace and Gromit.

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Wallace & Gromit: The Best of Aardman Animation torrent reviews

Brett W (gb) wrote: I got this movie when somebody handed me their digital copy ultraviolet code for it, and it was a very pleasant surprise. Reedus as Frank Castle was a treat as well. It really has an "Iron Man 3.5" feel to it. As with the DC universe, I seem to find Marvel's animated features equally or more enjoyable than their live-action MCU counterparts.

Richard H (de) wrote: Imaginative, hyperactive, hillarious, chaotic - I loved every second of this demented movie

Michael P (gb) wrote: Kinda boring but interesting in spots. Well put together, but nothing too special.

John E (au) wrote: Predictable and slow moving, however, it is boosted by some great performances in Adams and Blunt.

Will N (nl) wrote: This movie is a bit weird--for starters, male cows with udders? What? There are some laughs to be had, though.

Scott P (ca) wrote: Quite a bit of fun for a dumb horror movie.

Sirio J (ru) wrote: A beautiful story, a brave director, a terrific cast.

C H (ru) wrote: A nica coisa boa nesse filme a Vanessa Redgrave, os outros atores so pssimos ao extremo. Concretizou o desafio de fazer uma histria boa de um livro famossssimo virar um filme merda. Parece filme feito pra TV, daqueles horrveis que passam dublados de tarde na FOX. No lembro o ttulo em portugus, mas algo tipo "A ltima Festa", nada a ver com o to famoso ttulo original.

Davis S (br) wrote: Although this was my first watch of the classic Malick film I was captured by the sheer beauty of the visuals and ebb and flow of the plot. Although it was a slow pace film and seems at first glance more tradition, Days of Heaven is riveting film filled of subdued but nuanced passion and emotion. Look forward to watching this again and digging deeper into this film.

Adrian B (de) wrote: Comparably irregular John Frankenheimer movie to his others where an older man (John Randolph), who is happily married, is taken in by an organization ("Company" is what it is titled) who take current lives and change them completely. There, he sworn into an operation after a bizarre interview, goes through extensive surgery, and becomes a younger man (Rock Hudson), with a new name, fingerprints and background history. The organization then declares him dead in a hotel fire, which will be reported to his wife, and he begins to adjust to his new life, although not in the way the "Company" likes. At times hokey, this odd movie has a compelling residue to it that it makes more interesting than should be. Hudson's performance is pretty good as the new individual, although he doesn't appear until around 25 to 30 minutes into the movie. Goofy, but very watchable.

Zoran S (ca) wrote: Very great. A perfect and economical film with a truly beautiful sense of style. Grim but understated, there is nothing wasted here.

Gabriel M (fr) wrote: it's a good film comedy romance, Paltrow did a good job.

Oscar H (us) wrote: En extremt lgbudgetbetonad mix mellan The Terminator, Blade Runner, Highlander och Scanners, men med mycket hjrta. Logiken bland alla tidsresor och kroppsbyten som betas av r det sisdr med, men en lagom dos av glimten i gat gr att jag grna blundar fr detta faktum. En stenhrd, grnad hjlte i form av bortglmde Tim Thomerson och ett krleksintresse som spelas av Oscar-vinnaren Helen Hunt hamnar p pluskontot, men en ganska trist och intetsgande skurk hamnar i motsatt nde. Ljudspret dryper av ttiotalssynth och actionsekvenserna r underbart taffliga. Och har det ngonsin existerat ngon mniska med ett mer desmttat namn n Jack Deth?

Brandon Vincent T (it) wrote: It's an okay movie. Not something i really need to make a fuss over if i break the disc. Boring and sleepy.

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