Walled In

Walled In

Having finally secured her first assignment from her family's demolition business, Sam Walczak (Mischa Barton) is sent to supervise the destruction of an apartment house, only to discover a group of tenants still living in the condemned building. One such tenant, Jimmy (Cameron Bright), tells Sam an urban legend about a serial murderer who used to live in the building and entomb his victims in the walls. What's worse, the dead are believed to still harass the residents to this day.

Having finally secured her first assignment from her family's demolition business, Sam Walczak is sent to supervise the destruction of an apartment house, only to uncover the horrifying secrets held within the building. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony B (es) wrote: A great documentary; very informative, honest, and well produced, directed, etc. A must see.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: It's so-bad-it's-good nature and the appeal of Emilia Clarke aren't enough to save Triassic Attack from being another awful Syfy original movie that suffers from awful writing, painfully bad visual effects, and very mediocre acting.

Marc L (ag) wrote: Scnario estampill Sundance pour "Another happy day", qui va complaisamment observer la runion (et donc l'implosion) de - surprise, surprise - une famille amricaine disfonctionnelle. Psychologiquement instables, dangereux pour eux-mmes ou pour les autres, faisant du non-dit, du persiflage, du dni et de la froideur affective un art de vivre, les membres de ce clan recompos se mueront trs vite en caricatures sur pattes de leurs tares personnelles. Dans certaines circonstances, brosser des personnages aussi excessifs autorise les dbordements d'humour noir les plus dlectables mais Sam Levinson avait apparemment dans l'ide de placer son portrait de famille sous le signe de la gravit, sans poilades malvenues. Comme prvu, les drapages se multiplient ad nauseam mais les personnages dgagent une telle antipathie qu'on ne parvient pas leur trouver la moindre circonstance attnuante. La seule chose que semble vouloir nous dire ce film au climat dprimant est que les familles sont les environnements privilgis o s'panouissent les pires emmerdes. Mais a, on le savait dj : l'unique lment qui permet "Another happy day" de se dmarquer du commun de la production Sundance est qu'il n'essaie mme pas d'quilibrer sa dmonstration grce quelques gnralits sur l'esprit de clan et la solidarit intra-familiale.

Lucas M (au) wrote: With lame characters and a predictable plot, I'd say "no thanks".

Emma M (jp) wrote: Weird... not what i expected.

Nathan S (kr) wrote: David Lynch being extremely humane and empathetic? It's a great Nixon goes to China success. It manages to out-Wes Anderson Wes Anderson, and is better than any movie by Wes Anderson.

Theresa L (gb) wrote: The movie is okay. I mean I don't know why they would've put Sam or anyone in trouble with the police. Sorry but a bully is a bully and I wasn't happy with the ending. They talk about moral choices and standing up against peer pressure. The antagonist in the movie which made it go too far was just the one who was causing the peer pressure in truth or dare. But otherwise Sam getting bullied up by George I mean sorry Justice is Justice. Technically it wasn't their fault mainly more again the antagonist whom started truth or dare. Plus George I don't care if you are mental or not you start something and you seriously deserve to get your butt kicked. He hit his head on a rock when he was trying to swim as well. So more or less it was the rock's fault. I give them bravos for telling his mother and stuff. But his mother is a stupid person as well as she's putting a lot of these things in George's mouth as well especially about the oldest boy's father dying. So yeah he deserved what he got. Movie ending sucked. Get over it people.

Victor T (ag) wrote: With the franchise halfway done and again in need of a new director, incomes David Yates, the man responsible for the rest of the saga. With now a darker tone being set and the villain being finally introduced and shown to be ready for war, is this film a success?After the events of "Goblet of Fire", things look dark for Harry: Lord Voldemort is back in human form and ready to continue what he started. After an incident with his Muggle family, the Ministry of Magic decides that it's time to interfere with Hogwarts. Here we are now, at the beginning of the Yates half of HP and to be honest this is where my interest/love for the saga banished due to the franchise enters to clich territory from now on and thus is why I consider this fifth installment the worst of the saga for many years but after rewatching it I realize I was wrong. By this point is redundant to mention the pros of this saga (the solid special effects and the solid acting by the supporting cast plus the maturation of the three leads) so we can only focus on two elements: Directing and writing. In the directing department David Yates finally gives this saga an identity (for better or worse) as due to the constant changes of directors this saga didn't have a solid style, plus he shows a meticulous craftsmanship in some sequences (on a side note I want to complain about the muted colors of the cinematography as that is a step backwards for what was up until this point a colorful franchise, hell even part 3 have better use of color), particularly the final magic duel between the two biggest players of both sides (say what you want about this saga but this film has the only good magic duel of the 8 films as it is creative and actually exciting, it is not people throwing random flashy CGI all over the place or crossing streams ala Ghostbusters). But regarding the writing this is the beginning of the downfall of script quality as like its source material the story goes to clich territory and shockingly wastes precious time by focusing on teen romances and a mean teacher (this comes up as a teen film) plus it adds even more plot holes to the saga, instead of wrapping up the story to its conclusion. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" marks the end of the establishing of the world and making fun films and the beginning of clich stories. The script is filled with unnecessary elements as teen angsts and more plot holes. But regardless it is still a fun film that has its moments.

Duncan W (nl) wrote: "smack the pony" does swords and sandals. a very british comedy film that isn't THAT bad it just isn't that great either. I think i recall that this had trouble being distibuted and its not hard to see why. it does have a plot of sorts and sally phillips is great as ever. fun but ultimatly disposable entertainment.

Carol H (us) wrote: An unfunny, forgettable comedy.

Steve K (ag) wrote: i'm glad to see that my favorite jimmy fallon/queen latifa action/buddy comedy got a sequel

Alexandra K (fr) wrote: Absolutely love this movie. One of my top 5 girls night in movies. :) "I'm going to marry her."

Mihangel O (de) wrote: Oh God, David Schwimmer!

Daniel V (gb) wrote: It's as a comedy, well a dramady. But it isn't very funny, outside a few Murrary zingers. The lead performances are good, especially scenes between Murrary and DeNiro. Kinda hope these two hook up again.

Chus v (fr) wrote: One of the greatest B-Movies of all time. Absolutely essential fun.

Auxi B (de) wrote: Una dura pelcula sobre la represin argentina

Anders A (ru) wrote: A sharp wakening for the dull child, this dinner comes with fresh bloody rabbit straight from their survival of the fittest lifestyle. No joke.

Harpreet S (us) wrote: Nicholas Ray gives another good film in the western "Johnny Guitar" starring John Crawford and Sterling Hayden. Vienna (Crawford) is a sloankeeper who supports the building of a railroad, the people of the town who are cattlemen oppose it. Mercedes McCambridge probably gives the best performance of the film as a short, ugly, jealous, fidgety, and revengeful Emma Small; she wants Vienna out of town, she despises her, partially because The Dancin' Kid (Scott Brady) was once both of their lover, as Vienna says: "He makes her feel like a woman, and that frightens her." Sterling Hayden is Johnny Guitar, another former lover of Vienna who is hired by her to "play the guitar." I never really saw Hayden as a romantic hero, he does enough to get by. Every major character in this is superbly played by their respective actors, I was especially fond of The Dancin' Kid. The first half is better than the second; the latter has a few predictable points, an injury to a character seems unconvincing, at first it's as if he is fatally wounded, then he seems alright; this injury plays a major role so it bothered me. I've seen three of Ray's films so far; "Bitter Victory" is my favorite, "Johnny Guitar" is second, and "Rebel Without a Cause" is third. I look forward to seeing more.

PrInCeSs E (es) wrote: The separation of both skinheads' subculture and how the state will be able to switch the situationsin favor of itself, using the for-nothing youngrevolutionaries' imperfect knowledge and ignorance, in order for the government to take advantage of their recruitment. Though some may have taken the segregating rule of good and evil in, stillothers are becoming dangerous.