Wallpaper: An Erotic Love Story

Wallpaper: An Erotic Love Story

A careless art student is kicked out of school because of poor attendance and lack of interest. His friend gets a job to manage a restaurant. They bet over who will be first to "process" the waitress.

Two young friends, Lass and Sveppi, run a nightclub in downtown Reykjavik. They hire a beautiful young singer, Sól, who has just moved from the countryside to the city in order to take singing lessons. The boys make a bet which one will get the girl into bed first. As times goes on, Lass realises that he is in love with Sól and wants to give up the bet. Sveppi, on the other hand, has no interest in giving up the bet. Dos jóvenes amigos, Lass y Sveppi, van a un club nocturno en los suburbios de Reykjavik. Contratan a una cantante joven y hermosa, Sol, que acaba de mudarse del campo a la ciudad a fin de tomar clases de canto. Los chicos hacen una apuesta de cual de los dos se llevará a la chica a la cama primero. Luego, Lass se da cuenta de que está enamorado de Sol y quiere renunciar a la apuesta. Sveppi, en cambio, no tiene ningún interés en renunciar a ello. (FILMAFFINITY) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott A (ag) wrote: Not bad 3D for this low budget, but the film itself was just awful.

Paul J (us) wrote: Not for the faint of heart.

Oscar S (jp) wrote: an amazing insight into a world of imaginative purportions. a glimpse into the life of one dedicated to an art

Lee M (kr) wrote: While not up to the standards of the original with it's over-plotting, this still stands as a worthy prequel with powerful perfomances.

Aaron D (mx) wrote: Pitch Black is a perfect sci-fi survival horror flick, yet a pivotal scene was left on the cutting room floor. Thankfully, the unrated cut includes an extended scene with Johns and Carolyn that to me was crucial. It fleshed out the character of Johns more and made the connection between himself and Riddick that much more powerful. Great movie all around; the unrated version is the definitive cut in my eyes because of the extended scene.

Christina T (es) wrote: A. Jolie was very good and the supporting cast well chosen. The problem was a slow lagging script with too many atmospheric shower scenes with sexy jazz sax. I started to feel the sax was the second lead.

Kristen R (de) wrote: a good wholesome movie

Dan G (ag) wrote: John Cusak is always funny, and this wasn't a "bad" movie, but by no means one of his best.

Logan M (kr) wrote: A demanding character study that pushed indie films to prominence and ushered in the entire indie movement of the 1990s.

Lysann B (kr) wrote: It is impossible to judge this film from a present point of view. The verdict would be annihilating: to horrendous in the making, the story and the moral. A group of beautiful and horny woman (Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lisa Davis, Barbara Darrow) on planet Venus rescue a group of lost space men (Eric Flemming, Dave Willock, Patrick Waltz) out of the claws from the bitter and mutilated queen Yllana (Laurie Mitchell); and together they save planet Earth from the total atomic destruction planned by the queen. So far so bad, but if you are a fan of woman in very short skirts with laser guns, this is the film for you. You can hardly make a better choice for a trashing movie night.

Alan W (us) wrote: This is a good movie

Jolle L (us) wrote: Visually pleasing, like Sin City. Could've been funny but falls flat. To me, it seems like Frank Miller tried to imitate Robert Rodriguez and failed.