Walter & Carlo i Amerika

Walter & Carlo i Amerika


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,  

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Walter & Carlo i Amerika torrent reviews

Mayank M (nl) wrote: A cliched Love story that is surprisingly entertaining if you watch it without any expectations. Kareena is a treat as always with Imran overacting all over again. Punit has surely grown as a director n does a much better job than any earlier project but all credit to Vishal-Shekhar for excellent music. Decent watch.

Rick A (gb) wrote: While "On the Ice" wasn't a slick Hollywood production of life in the north, I thought it was very well done!I really didn't know what the story line was when I went to see the movie, and was surprised with the direction it went, I left the theater knowing this was the most accurate representation of life as it is for some in the rural parts of the north.I live in Nome Ak. and have grown kinda tired of seeing northern life as Hollywood likes to present it.I thought the acting was excellent! Probably not as polished as professionals, but so much more accurate!Great movie, I'll go see it again!

Matt C (gb) wrote: A ground level coverage of one black American familiy fighting for firstly survival and then to rebuild their lives as a result of Hurricane Katrina. It's a fantastic companion piece to Spike Lee's opus and introduces us to a truly remarkable woman. Come the revolution GW better be the first up against the wall.

Camille M (gb) wrote: funny because it is awkward and witty without being overbearing. Sexy in surprising ways, and absolutely hilarious at moments (more so because of the admixture of good healthy uncertainty).

Aleksandar B (au) wrote: Not what I had expected from the usually excellent British con man movies. Could've been much better if the characters had any depth. Tamer Hassan was good, the rest of the cast mostly average.

Kurt F (mx) wrote: 7/19/14 We saw this probably in fall of 2013. I forgot to review it, but I just remember it being pretty cheesy. I don't remember much about it, but that usually isn't a very good sign. I wouldn't recommend spending your time watching it. There are too many other better films to see.

Seth R (ca) wrote: The film itself could've been a lot better. One thing I did like was the composing of Stewart Copeland. The music was the same old mafia type of sound, it had more modern stuff to give the mood of the movie a kick. If you want to see a mafia movie, this isn't a bad choice. If you want to see a good mafia movie, probably not.

Michelle W (de) wrote: no info = no interest

Clay B (kr) wrote: MAD DOG AND GLORY (1993)

Ricky M (ca) wrote: This has all the trappings of classic Hammer, despite being from the tale end of the studio. Gothic setting, roaming priests, and a village of pitch fork and torch wielding peasants. All good so far. Unfortunately what it isn't is any good. Despite the setting this turns into some kind of family melodrama and study in old fashioned psycho analysis. They even try and spice things up with the by then standard nudity and a plot involving incest, dark family secrets and insanity. Still fails to generate any interest. It was 45 minutes or so in before I had any idea what was going on and by then I was waiting for it to finish.

Paul W (gb) wrote: An okay film. Perhaps not one of Bob Hope's best; however, his amazing tap dance number on the table with James Cagney is worth the price of admission.

Gene I B (nl) wrote: one of my top 22, one of the best all time

Gissele I (es) wrote: I think it could have had potential someone should remake It with better actors and a better storyline

Slade W (jp) wrote: Although it is a very good story, it is loaded with Hollywood's attempt to make a story better. Loaded with untrue facts, and I don't even mean the curse. The curse was fine. I mean the biographical errors But, nonetheless, worthwhile.

Matt E (fr) wrote: Very underrated zombie flick.

Jaime R (au) wrote: Hold you food in for this one