Walter - Retour en résistance

Walter - Retour en résistance


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Walter - Retour en résistance torrent reviews

Nilesh J (mx) wrote: An Indian JFK except that part fictional and the movie refused to use the historic characters. A good topic and extremely fast paced. Good portrayal of locations and times. Some of the characters except the Raw team could have been developed more.

gabby L (ag) wrote: Sort of a Ground Hog day theme but with really hot girls.

Ben F (ca) wrote: Many movies you see once. Some you see twice. Sometimes you watch Yes Man eight or so times and truly wonder what that says about you. What draws me to Jim Carrey's romantic follies? Why is Bradley Cooper in this? Is all of my life just one dream? Am I ready to wake up and watch more Yes Man?

Greg R (nl) wrote: fing great must watch ... lil boring but building up to a gerat end !!!

Kim (ca) wrote: not much to the world

Drew R (gb) wrote: This Thai movie follows the footsteps of superheroes like Americas Spider-man, and closer to home, Malaysias Cicak-man, to bring hope to the failing humanity. While it remains baffling why superheroes like them have to wear tight-skinned suits to save the world, we cannot doubt their noble causes. The movie does not take itself too seriously because its main objective is to entertain us viewers. So dont watch it expecting too much, and it is okay to leave your brains elsewhere.

Irvin C (au) wrote: Three siblings argue and decide what to do with their mother's house and various properties after she passes away. It sounds like a bore but it's anything but. It's a beautiful, lovely, emotional film about loss, memories, family, the changing world and our changing lives. I found it melancholy but also quite life affirming and treats the subject without manipulation or cinematic sentimentality but still manages to be quite emotional. It's a lovely, unforgettable film.

Tashia h (ag) wrote: really freaky made me scream

Nick S (it) wrote: Conspiracy theories? Fact or Fiction? - Am I choosing theory or possibility or probability here...not at all but these are some interesting looks into the 9/11 findings and then some "Conspiracy Theory = no evidence hence "theory"...but with evidence comes POSSIBILITY and more evidence gathered builds to PROBABILITY" - There are some interesting bits shown through both photo and video evidence and both expert witnesses questioning those findings and witnesses of what happened on that faithful day - Presentation here is low budget but it is still a compelling movie that makes you think a bit...and that ain't a bad thing...thinking is still legal...isn't it?

Marti T (it) wrote: very random and funny... and random

Private U (nl) wrote: i love alissa milano

Elana M (ru) wrote: Words cannot express how much I simply adore this movie. It's definitive of an era that brought about such changes in music and style, this movie is a gem. I will forever love Lloyd holding up the boombox for Diane, it melts my heart every time! One of the best rom-dramedies ever!

mitch p (fr) wrote: i still don't understand himi guess he did try to make it funny so it's entertaining. but i don't think the action is that great. There are many things that doesn't make sense to me. Like all the flash back scenece (the one with rain and run) what's the point of that? anyway. asano didn't do much. I could act like him too.

Jack C (it) wrote: Never boring, never cheesy and always punchy, Lethal Weapon deserves its status as one of the all time classic action films. Lethal Weapon boasts quotable dialogue which is delivered brilliantly by Gibson and Glover. It refuses to partake in the modern day action cliche of shaky cam, favouring easy-watching well choreographed car chases, shootouts and fights. It's not the best Christmas action flick out there (thank you Die Hard), but it's certainly a complete package.

Sylvester K (it) wrote: Another bad adaptation of Clive Barker's story. Rawhead Rex looked like a man in a more elaborated ape suit. The acting was only OK... The excellent story became another "Creature Feature" But since it's a low budget film, it's actually not as bad as it could be potentially

bill s (ca) wrote: Jumbled piece of crap

Vaughan M (mx) wrote: Great stoner movie but that's about it

Andres G (ca) wrote: Simple well told story, a little bit too weepy at some points.Its photography is just magnificent.

David F (es) wrote: What an endlessly witty film this is. With its ensemble cast of performances that range from heartbreaking to downright hilarious at times, I was constantly engaged by David Mamet's script in terms of not only dialogue but also character. Each person in this film has clearly defined edges, which is mostly done through the performances of each actor. Lemmon is a fast talking, slightly desperate sounding man with a family to feed, Pacino is incredibly smooth and appears to have not a care in the world while still maintaining an air of professionalism, the viewer believes he is good at his job despite being told time and again its just a lucky streak. James Foley's direction matches the wit of Mamet's screenplay, as his camera cuts between characters at a speed to rival the dialogue flying out of the actors mouths, which allows him to create immense amounts of tension in the viewer when all that is really happening is two men talking in an office. The way the film is shot is an asset to the movie as well, we are never given any glimpses of the characters home lives or homely settings, it is kept strictly businesslike, adding to the cutthroat atmosphere of the world they are trying so hard to stay in.

Marcia K Y (nl) wrote: Very well written. Love this movie!!!