Waltz of the Toreadors

Waltz of the Toreadors

General Fitzhugh, an ageing Lothario has an over-active eye for a pretty woman. Despite a long and satisfying career as a seducer extraordinaire, something always seems to get in the way of his bedding the breathtakingly lovely Ghislaine, a more-than-willing town local.

This is the end of a glorious military career: General Leo Fitzjohn retires to his Sussex manor where he will write his memoirs. Unfortunately, his private life is a disaster: a confirmed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Waltz of the Toreadors torrent reviews

Kate O (kr) wrote: If you have seen this movie... it's amazingly silly and cheezy but you can't stop watching and the end is totally worth it. Freakin Love It!

Julie S (us) wrote: Beautiful. Never drags.

RIP GCODEYUNGEFREE HOCKER (nl) wrote: bambo and bokeem a hit hood joint

Mikhail B (ag) wrote: In this Joe Dough love triangle story portrait portrayed in this realistic drama an ordinary guy balances between a love of convenience and a love of passion, while life and other people make choices for him no one is too happy about.

Mike T (es) wrote: Am I the only person on Flixster who has seen this movie? Am I the first and only review? Well, it was available on Netflix instant and it looked horrible enough for me to take a quick peek. Basically, it's a "skinemax" movie. It features about 5 or 6 extended sex scenes with detestable acting and production values. The story, which not only doesn't make sense but is also just laughable, is threadbare and barely even holds it together. If you want to watch a softcore porn movie, I guess.... go see it? Even so, its not even that good in that category either.

Clara V (gb) wrote: It like it, it was good. the dancing is crazy but not better than You Got Serve

Cameron R (us) wrote: nonstop action and very big laughs, this had me laughing my ass off the first time I saw this lol, it's an awesome and extremely funny action comedy

Keith P (ag) wrote: Also called "supercop"

Kylie P (it) wrote: From August 22, 2006:Despite the disappointing ending in which Annie, as in Oakley, throws a shooting match to win the affections of the big conceited baby, aka, sharpshooter Frank Butler, this movie is funny. Annie Oakley would be a fun part to play because she's strong, funny, good at what she does, and she shows the boys up at least at the outset. The shooting match throw could be considered a commentary on the relationships between men and women, particularly in 1950. Hmm. Just like the film's portrayal of Indians, which are probably not so kosher today.