Waltzes from Vienna

Waltzes from Vienna

The story of Johann Strauss the elder and younger.

The story of Johann Strauss the elder and younger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna B (ru) wrote: This comedy got political on me. And dark. Totally worth watching. I don't want to spoil it.

Sarfara A (jp) wrote: Tales of the Night 'Les Contes de la nuit' French computer animation film directed by Michel Ocelot. The film portrays silhouette characters against the colorful background. Tales of the Night is compilation 5 episodes of 'Dragons et princess in stereoscopic 3D with addition of one more story at the end called "The Girl-Doe and the Architect's Son - La Fille-biche et le fils de l'architecte", Film follows the modern-day framing gadget where an actor, actress and director sit before a theater proscenium, drafting quick stories and ultimately casting themselves in the classically styled tales they've imagined, formulating costumes and witty tricks to get through complicated situations in each story. I didn't find the stories 'intriguing', it rather looked like artificially carved out, to present predictable circumstances that follow. Michel has offered us unique and visually-striking films like Kirikou and the Sorceress; however this seemed loose at storytelling, and bothering voice actors (particularly the lead male character).

Shelley O (gb) wrote: The whole family laughed throughout this movie and there were even parts where the whole theater was clapping and cheering. I know it was predictable... it wasn't an "edge of your seat" kinda movie by any stretch... the physical comedy was to be expected. But, at the end of the day, it delivers a good message and tells a story that my kids can appreciate. It was positive and uplifting which is what I look for in movies now that the kiddos are growing past the traditional Disney animations.

Brody M (mx) wrote: When I 1st heard about this movie & William Forsythe was cast as John Wayne Gacy I didn't know what to think.After watching the movie, I think he was the perfect choice.Watching Forsythe as Gacy was just creepy & it made my skin crawl especially when Moss went to visit Gacy in prison.What was Moss thinking?! What did he expect was gonna happen?! What makes the movie truly creepy is that it's all true

Alexey M (ag) wrote: That was the deepest shit i ever dag in! Beware of unbelievable stupidity and extreme ugliness!

Cedric L (ca) wrote: Not as bad as people say it is... but it's quite forgettable

Nina T (us) wrote: Couldn't make it through the entire film. Too much about his sex life and no real plot. I was hoping this would be more of a biopic.

Bryan G (de) wrote: On his home planet of Arturus, Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson) is one of the toughest cops around. Playing by no one's rules but his own, he employs a take no prisoners way of taking down bad guys. This of course doesn't sit well with his superiors, nor the crime bosses that plague the streets with crime. After chasing down his archenemy Sprug (Frank Collison) in his interstellar space ship, Bardo crash lands on our planet. The problem is that while Bardo was a regular sized man on his planet, he is only about 13 inches here on Earth. With being disappointed with the past couple of Full Moon movies I've given a chance, I wasn't expecting much out of Dollman. To my surprise this film was a lot better than its silly premise seemed like it would be. Most of the film's strength was with its great lead character Brick Bardo, and the great performance by Tim Thomerson. Thomerson, who is one of my favorite actors to have worked with Full Moon, once again slips perfectly into his role (like he did in the Trancers series) and really brings Brick Bardo to life. Sure, Bardo could be considered a knock-off of Dirty Harry. But really, what film of Full Moon's couldn't be deemed a slight rip-off of some other film? I liked the arrogant way Bardo spoke and how he had almost no respect for anyone, even the people he is saving. At the start of the film he is trying to rescue a bunch of people being held hostage in a laundromat, all while insulting most of these hostages for being overweight. And he had one hell of a gun, which could explode someone on his planet, but was reduced to causing huge wounds on Earth's much larger humans. The film could have used some slightly better villains. Sprug doesn't go to much use in the movie, and he and Bardo's rivalry doesn't pan out much. I did like Jackie Earle Haley as Braxton Red, a gang member who Thomerson wants to bring down because of his criminal ways and the mistreatment he gives to a woman who befriends Bardo. Haley was fine in his performance, but the screenplay doesn't flesh him out more than a standard goon for Bardo to go up against. Dollman is nicely paced, decently filmed and has another great score like so many other Full Moon movies do. The film is also easily one of my favorite films from this studio, which is a major plus. The film has a slight sci-fi vibe to it, and I typically dislike the science fiction themed films that Full Moon releases. But this one mixes its sci-fi aspects with its action elements in a way that made for one of the best experiences I've had from this studio.

Dean M (ca) wrote: Really powerful and intelligent film based on Tom Topor's Broadway play as this is a highly charged drama that raises some uneasy questions.This is a film that deserves more attention then it originally received, it is honest, though-provoking, and features a brilliant performance from Barbra Streisand as real-life defender Claudia Draper.Richard Dreyfuss also turns in his usual skilled performance as a lawyer who becomes more passionate about the case the longer he is involved with it. His eventual concern for Claudia is touching. And Karl Malden, Maureen Stapleton, James Whitmore, and Leslie Nielsen all play excellent supporting roles.

Erik W (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this more then I thought I would. Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong were great in this film. Sort of like Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen. There were some things in the film that could have been explained better I think but other than that, the film was great. Great aerial photography and action scenes although I'm pretty sure one of those scenes was borrowed from the 1976 "Aces High". The music score is by John Barry which is also a plus.

R R (mx) wrote: Darkly humourous - far funnier than you may've been led to believe in fact - and a terrific cast.

Nica S (jp) wrote: Absorbing performance by the actors, but the plot does not follow.

Rishi J (fr) wrote: This is considered one of the best movies ever, but after watching this I was disappointed. I was so much looking forward to seeing it but it wasn't worth it. The acting especially from James Stewart is good and he is trying but overall this is just an above average movie. The camera work is good. During the first 30 minutes or so the movie just drags, and the pacing is so slow. It shows what we already know. Scottie has vertigo and is asked to follow his friend's wife who thinks she is a reincarnation or something. It is almost like nothing is happening and Scottie is just doing his job. It was during this time I asked myself that why was I watching this.The character development is very poor excluding Scottie. His ex girlfriend had no role in this movie. She is just there. Nothing is told as to whh they broke up. We dont need a full background story but a simple explanation whould have done it. Many parts of the movie could have been edited. Then we come near the 3rd act of the movie. 5 minutes into it the suspense is revealed like wtf. It didn't work for me. Again the pacing is somewhat slow until the end. The ending is very abrupt and it is just thrown at us. In some cases it works only if the overall movie is excellent and makes sense. I will be honest I wasn't expecting the ending but it doesn't work for me. Somethings are not even well explained. I can't go into more details because it will give out spoilers. So overall you may or may not like this movie. But if your having a boring day, go for it.

Angelo Dean B (ru) wrote: 1.5 StarsWasn't that bad for a Malaysian Action film, but still bad overall