Rattled by sudden unemployment, a Manhattan couple surveys alternative living options, ultimately deciding to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules.

In New York, the aspirant filmmaker Linda convinces her husband George Gergenblatt to buy an expensive Micro Loft apartment in Manhattan. Linda expects to sell a documentary about penguins to HBO to help the payment of the installments and George expects a promotion. However, HBO rejects the documentary and George's company has folded and he is fired. With the American financial crisis, they lose a large amount selling the apartment and George does not find a new job. George's brother Rick offers a job position in his company in Atlanta. They drive from New York to Atlanta and they decide to stop for the night in the hotel Elysium. However they see a naked man running toward their car and George tries to return to the highway but accidentally he turns his car over. Soon they learn the Elysium is a hippie and vegan community and the dwellers invite George and Linda to stay with them. However, they decide to go to Atlanta but soon George has an argument with his arrogant brother. George... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wanderlust torrent reviews

Erica S (ru) wrote: I love pretty much all the movies Danielle Panabaker plays in, but this movie is terrible.. a lot of awkward camera moments with the camera just following a person around, or just staring at someone for a few minutes..killings were dull.. and it was boring

Paul D (it) wrote: This is not one of Werner Herzog's better documentaries for the fact that the subject matter is too thin on the ground to be feature length, this kind of thing is better done by television. That said it's fascinating for a while to see such pre-historic age from a past too far back to comprehend.

Mai M (ag) wrote: outstanding performance from Olivia Colman.. all the three stars goes to her

Chloe A (kr) wrote: 4 1/2 stars!After watching the boxset I thought that the movie would be a let down... Far from right I was! I loved it!

Tanya Lee K (ru) wrote: jhkkkjbjanother cinderlla story

Jordan P (it) wrote: Dizzying camerawork and dimly lit cinematography give a claustrophobic sensation to The Descent, an exciting, female-driven adventure that features plenty of gore and mutants-feasting-on-flesh action, but also has enough smarts to honor its dynamic performers.

Garhett B (ru) wrote: I love movies told piece by piece, where you're trying to piece together the puzzle before the big reveal at the end. While I think films like Vantage Point or Holes did it better, this is definitely a great film with a great cast.

Brody M (br) wrote: Boo was a good horror flick I'd probably watch again on Halloween or a dark rainy night. I enjoyed the storyline even though I had a idea about what was gonna happen. The acting was kinda corny in parts, but wasn't too bad. I've seen worse. The gory special effects were done very well. They were gross, but not over the top.

Andy G (jp) wrote: One of tyhe best opening sequences of any surf doc. This is worth seeing even if you dont surf.

Lamont W (de) wrote: a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria S (ru) wrote: I'm not particularly fond of the horror genre, but this movie gets props. First, the ladies are both lovely, wearing more face than make up, and looking totally sexy without cleavage. Second, the black guy doesn't die first. Third, the obvious suspect is not really the bad guy. Other than that it's tacky and frustratingly obvious. All good.

Fernando P (it) wrote: I am a big fan of the series, but that is not why I gave it a 4 star review. I grew up with this series. The mighty ducks might seem a bit "cheesy", but you have to admit that there were some parts that put you on the edge of your seat. I still remember getting goose bumps when they needed 1 goal to win. I don't even like hockey! Every once in a while it passes on t.v. and I can't help but stop and watch (I'm 31 now with no kids yet). Something about the theme song stays in my head. Maybe it's subliminal messages LoL

Oscar D (au) wrote: A screwball comedy for the 1980s with a stellar cast

Jack G (nl) wrote: One of the few times Godard went in full-blown experimentation mode and it WORKED. I still remember some scenes as being truly disturbing.

Muffin M (gb) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Adam S (ag) wrote: A major money disaster for Gabriel Pascal near the end of the war, but the reputation this film has as one of England's biggest flops is kind of unjust; Vivien Leigh and Claude Rains are worth it alone for their spirited, cheeky performances.

Marie M (it) wrote: Light, inconsequential, and at times enjoyable while retaining some of the melodramatic ambiance of silent films past. Undoubtedly priceless for its legendary pairing of the Astaire-Rogers team, particularly in the Carioca, but beyond that, the film can seem rather dull. The leads perform up to par, which explains why Astaire and Rogers shine because they brewed a chemistry far superior to that of the leads, and with limited screen time. The story is, as most musicals go, fairly predictable, but that's besides the point. The musical numbers glitter, and the finale aerial show is quite spectacular. Interesting that despite receiving fourth and fifth billing, the film's final shot leaves us with an image of Astaire and Rogers sitting idly by and sipping champagne - a sign of good times ahead.

Steph S (jp) wrote: I think this chickflick is definalty one of the best films ever made. John Cusack as the hansome film star finding love. Zeta-Jones as the drama queen and Julia Roberts as the quarky sister who is secrety in love with the hansome film star who used to date her drama queen sister. A really good storyline to make you smile, laugh and cry.

Paul D (us) wrote: Family drama in the wild west. A simmering tale of love and gun play that never gets going despite three well known faces as brothers.