Wang fu cheng long

Wang fu cheng long

Shing plays tyrant father to Ti (Sandra Ng) and orphan Shui (Stephen Chow). When he finds out that they are actually a couple, he banishes Shui from his habitat but true love has Ti ...

Shing plays tyrant father to Ti (Sandra Ng) and orphan Shui (Stephen Chow). When he finds out that they are actually a couple, he banishes Shui from his habitat but true love has Ti ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (us) wrote: good historical actioner

Anastasia F (ca) wrote: Plodding Romance I'm such an enthusiast for lost causes, movements which I imbue with my own romantic vision: the Cavaliers of the English Civil War, the Confederates of the American Civil War and the White Guard of the Russian Civil War. I have a particular enthusiasm for the latter, for the men and women who tried to save Russia from Lenin and his criminal band. I have a particular enthusiasm for the leaders of the White Army; men like Anton Denikin, Pytor Wrangel and Aleksandr Kolchak. Ever since the fall of communism there has been a new appreciation of these people, once defiled. When I was in Moscow I was able to lay some flowers on the grave of Denikin, reinterred with honours in Donskoy Monastery in October, 2005. It was therefore with considerable anticipation that I recently approached The Admiral, a 2008 Russian-language movie about Aleksandr Kolchak, once an Arctic explorer, an admiral in the Imperial Russian Navy and finally head of the anti-Communist forces in Siberia as Supreme Ruler of Russia, captured and executed in February, 1920. Once vilified by the Soviets, there are now monuments to his memory in both Saint Petersburg and Irkutsk. The Admiral, unfortunately, is a plodding disappointment, a movie constructed in such a way that it inevitably invites comparison with David Lean's Doctor Zhivago, far superior in every sense. Doctor Zhivago is a love story set against the grand sweep of Russian history, a tale of ordinary lives being submerged by history. The Admiral is also a love story, that between Kolchak (Konstantin Khabensky) and Anna Timiryova (Elizaveta Boyarskaya), a poet and his long-standing mistress. The couple are handsome, just as handsome as Omar Sharif as Zhivago and Julie Christie as Lara, but sadly there is no chemistry at all, no spark of life in their tepid romance. Their exchanges are wooden, their encounters barren. The other point of contrast is the handling of the wider themes, the handling of events. In Zhivago the scenes of war, of revolution and of civil war were woven effortlessly into the lives of the principle characters. But with The Admiral, despite some impressive moments, including the early footage of naval combat during the First World War, history seems to hang around, waiting to be introduced at periodic interludes. I was so looking forward to seeing this movie. A reassessment of the career of Kolchak and the struggle of the anti-communist resistance was long overdue. My disappointment at this uninspiring and plodding effort was therefore so much the greater.

Yappy Y (fr) wrote: Superb cinematography! Chang Chen lifted his acting skill to another level. Better editing of the movie would be very much appreciated tho' - that is the let-down of this movie

Bonesaw R (ag) wrote: this is one i wanna see as well

Vivian B (br) wrote: Once again, I love netflix. If you have it, rent this movie. Do it! Obey me!

Liy D (kr) wrote: A cute little movie for anyone who is a fan of the show. Grandma is still the best thing to ever happen to this series.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: Beowulf boasts great action, beautiful motion-capture computer-animation, stellar performances from its cast including a visually stunning Angelina Jolie in the role of Grendel's Mother resulting in another entertaining film from the mind of director Robert Zemeckis who improves over his last motion-capture CGI directorial effort, The Polar Express. However, note that some people will be surprised by how bloody and gory this film is in spite of earning a PG-13 rating in the US and a 12A rating in Britain. Did Zemeckis bribe the MPAA or were they watching the film when they were drunk and so, out of drunkenness, they accidentally submitted PG-13 instead of R and were too lazy to re-rate it on appeal? Whatever. A good motion-capture CGI movie. Not for little kids.

Lorrie B (kr) wrote: unique romance, definatly a must see

Scot C (gb) wrote: A low key 'lonely man' gem of a film. Oh Nashville..

Wendy J (gb) wrote: Was a good classic movie.

Cain L (gb) wrote: Not the greatest Godzilla film because of its dark n sad plot, but I enjoy the action.

Jeffrey K (fr) wrote: Lite on plot, and not entirely appealing leads, but enjoyable enough (particularly worth watching for the aerial acrobatics)

Andy V (au) wrote: I was surprised how much I enjoyed Tony Stark's character.

Jim G (kr) wrote: This is the very definition of a mediocre film"it(TM)s a mix of solid performances (e.g., Jon Voigt, who seems to have cornered the market on cold, unflinching, ruthless elder statesmen/scary old white dude roles), interesting depictions of little-known historical events (like the Mountain Meadows massacre perpetrated by the Mormons), a misguided Romeo-and-Juliet style star-crossed lovers subplot (Mormon scion falls passionately in love with a young gentile woman"in the space of a week), and some of the lousiest writing ever to be foisted upon professional actors. I do credit the film for treating one of the most appalling events in the history of any religion with an appropriate mix of horror and detachment and for making a genuine effort to provide a dramatic context for the senseless slaughter of innocent pioneers at the hands of maniacal Mormon Church elders (Brigham Young among them). Other parts of the film just make very little sense, dramatically or historically"why waste 20 minutes of screen time depicting the Mormon scion(TM)s uncanny ability to break? an ornery stallion? Why cast Dean Cain (yes, the Superman of Lois and Clark?) as Joseph Smith? (He(TM)s on screen very briefly but long enough to make you scoff at the awful casting choice.) So ultimately this film is a very mixed bag"recommended only for those who have a genuine curiosity about Mormon history.

Donald G (br) wrote: What's not to like? Good script--well acted and a satisfying ending